Get Rid Of House Pests In A Pinch With This Laundry Room Staple

While many of us often associate lint rollers with our clothes, it turns out that this household staple can also double up as a pest remover. Yes, you read that right! Using this nifty TikTok hack by @cliffbassguy, you should find it much easier to eliminate any pests such as ants that are lurking around your home. This trick prevents you from having to potentially stain your walls or floors by crushing them with the bottom of a shoe. It also saves you from having to remove them by hand, which may not be ideal for those who hate bugs. In fact, you can even leave the lint roller out and let the insects do all the hard work for you. As a result, this means that minimal effort is required on your part, making the entire process a breeze.

Once you have acquired a lint roller, you'll be able to use this hack again and again as much as you please. Naturally, this makes it perfect for if you're currently dealing with plenty of pesky pests. And, because a Scotch-Brite Lint Roller can be purchased for less than $7 at Walmart, this is a fairly inexpensive way to get rid of any small insects crawling around your home.

You can use your lint roller in two different ways

In order to catch pests with your lint roller, you can try two different methods. The first is as a trap of sorts. Simply leave the roller out on your counter and let the bugs wander onto it and get stuck. If you use this method, ensure that you place it near where the pests are located and in an area where you won't trip over it. Once the roller sheet is covered in bugs, simply rip it off and throw the strip away to expose a fresh layer. The second method is taking the roller yourself and targeting very specific insects, such as flies or ants. It's also a great way to get rid of bugs on your indoor houseplants, as you could roll it over the leaves.

The reason why this hack works so well is because of the sticky nature of the lint roller, which makes it difficult for pests to move once they find their way onto the surface. Of course, this is much quicker and easier than trying to capture them all individually. However, it may not be as effective on large bugs like cockroaches. Further, some people may find it cruel, so it's down to your personal choice whether you try this hack or not. If you'd prefer to use another bug extermination hack, you could always try some natural ways to deter pests instead.