Turn A Regular Water Bottle Into A DIY Mushroom-Themed Bird Feeder

Having birds visit your yard regularly can bring a spark of joy to your life, and the same can be said of working on creative DIY projects. That's why combining these two sources of joy is such a fabulous idea. Of course, we're talking about making a DIY bird feeder, but not just any place for your flying friends to grab a snack. While you can certainly make a bird feeder out of a pine cone or even a ketchup bottle, TikTok user The Home Factory (@home.factory) recommends using a plastic water bottle and turning it into a mushroom-themed bird feeder for your outdoor space.

In order to tackle this fun, rather easy project, you'll need a water bottle as well as a relatively thick string or twine (strong enough to hold up your bird feeder), an X-Acto knife, a large needle, and a lighter or matches. You'll also want paint in various colors: perhaps a light brown for the base of the mushroom, red for the cap, and white for cute polka dots. On top of that, don't forget to pick up a tasty birdseed mix. Once you've gathered all of your supplies, it's time to start making your own DIY mushroom bird feeder.

DIY a mushroom bird feeder for your backyard

To make this DIY bird feeder, start by making sure the bottle you're using is clean and dry. Next, with your X-Acto knife, cut off the top quarter of the bottle in one piece (leaving the cap screwed securely on top), and then cut away about another quarter of the bottle. You can discard this middle section, as this bird-feeder DIY only uses the top and bottom of the bottle. With the bottom of the bottle, cut a curved shape into one side to create an opening for the birds to access the food.

From here, paint the bottom piece of the bottle brown and the top red. You'll also want to paint small white dots on the red section to make it look like a mushroom cap. Once the paint has dried, heat up the needle with your lighter and create holes on either side of the bottle, as well as two holds in the top of the cap. Pull the string through the holes so you have something to hold the pieces of the bottle together while also suspending your feeder to a tree branch.

The final two steps may be the easiest but are also the most satisfying. All you need to do is add some seeds to your bird feeder and hang it up. Then, you can sit back and wait for a few sparrows, cardinals, or blue jays to visit your yard.