Everyone's Favorite IKEA Nightstand Gets A Retro Makeover With This DIY

Furniture can be a great way to express your personality and personal style, helping to create a very specific feel within a space. If you're looking to rock a retro look on a budget, then this IKEA nightstand hack by @diydecorwithcg could be just what you're looking for. Instead of splashing the cash, you can upgrade a basic IKEA nightstand into an eye-catching fluted piece that is sure to add an extra "pop" to any room. Not only is this a great solution if you don't want to spend a fortune, but it's also perfect if you want to experiment with a fluted look in your space. What more could you ask for? Even better, you can also customize it to create exactly the look you want, which allows you to have a ton of creative freedom.

Thankfully, this hack should be fairly straightforward, even if you don't often dabble in DIY. While this hack may take a bit of time out of your day, it should be worth it in the end. Now, how exactly can you re-create this magnificent piece? Of course, the main centerpiece for this hack is an IKEA MALM dresser. However, you can buy a bigger or smaller version to fit your needs. You will also need some primer, Loctite construction adhesive, paint of your choice, something to sand it with, a saw, and some pole wrap. Below, we'll break it down into bitesize steps.

How to do the hack

First, you need to measure and cut your pole wrap so that it fits onto each drawer, which shouldn't take too long. These are what will help to bring the piece together. Now, you just need to prep your drawers. Simply sand, prime, and paint it in your color of choice. While you may only have to wait a few hours for your primer, leaving your paint overnight is best. Now for the most important part. To seal the deal, simply glue your pole wrap to the drawers of your IKEA MALM nightstand with your adhesive, ensuring that they're firmly in place before applying the product of your choice with a brush. For example, you may choose a specific paint color to match your room interior or decide to use a wood stain. As a result, you should have an incredibly trendy retro nightstand on your hands!

For this particular piece, the pole wrap helps to create a fluted and retro look, helping to bring everything together. Without it, the piece wouldn't be the same. Of course, you just need to ensure that you fit it correctly before gluing it down; otherwise, it may be hard to reverse. Now, all you need to do is organize your drawers, and you should be good to go.