The Kitchen Staple You'll Want To Use In The Garden If You Have A Squirrel Problem

One of the most common animals you can find in your yard is the squirrel. These flighty rodents are a delight to those who find them cute, but to many homeowners, we would just as soon have them gone. While squirrels may be fluffy and adorable, they are menacing pests and a general nuisance in your garden. If you are carefully growing your vegetables and herbs, kiss them goodbye if you have a squirrel problem. These critters are constantly gnawing on fruit in trees and will lay waste to your vegetables by digging them up and eating them. Fortunately, aluminum foil is a kitchen staple you can use to deter any hooligan squirrels that scurry into your garden.

Squirrels aren't just the type of pest that will devour your garden's edibles, but they are also tick carriers and have been known to harbor diseases such as ringworm and typhus. Therefore, keeping these pesky rodents away from your garden is also a matter of maintaining your health. You might be surprised to hear that the answer to your squirrel fiasco is a few sheets of aluminum foil, but it can make a lot of difference.

Place aluminum foil in strategic locations around your garden

Getting rid of squirrels is as easy as incorporating aluminum foil into your garden. Stepping on a sheet of foil reportedly feels very unnatural, like sharp, stabbing objects. They dislike the texture and gleaming surface of the material as well. The metallic smell of aluminum foil is also said to be enough to deter the pesky rodents.

You can start by mapping out key areas in your yard that squirrels usually frequent. For your garden, you can use foil to cover the area around your plants and tree trunks. No squirrel would want to climb up any tree if they have to step on foil to get there. You can also add aluminum foil to your mulch. Just shred up some aluminum foil, mix it in with your mulch, and then lay it on the topsoil. This will make the squirrels think twice before approaching your garden. If you have a fence around your garden, you can also consider wrapping some foil tightly over it to discourage the critters from going near it. The bonus with this aluminum foil hack is that it will keep your feline friends away from your garden as well.