TikTok's Easy Way To Transform An Empty Cardboard Tube Into A Perfect DIY Bird Feeder

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A bird feeder is a wonderful way to add life and vibrancy to your outdoor space. It will also give you the chance to birdwatch in your own backyard. Luckily, if you don't want to spend the money on a brand-new feeder, there are plenty of easy ways to make a DIY bird feeder. One simple method for providing a quality snack station for your feathered friends is to use an old cardboard roll. Using an old paper towel or toilet paper roll, you can create a hanging feeder covered with bird seed. 

The supplies needed for this DIY bird feeder project are minimal, and most of them can be modified based on what you already have in your house. Your two primary materials are a cardboard tube and a piece of string. For the string, anything sturdy will work just fine such as twine or even a piece of thin, flexible wire. The only other supplies you need are few types of bird food. You need something sticky that you can coat the tube with — peanut butter, coconut oil, and vegetable shortening are common choices. The other food item is a bag of bird seed, which you can find in most home improvement stores or from an online retailer like Amazon. If you're unsure of what foods are best for the wild birds in your area, you can always follow the seasonal guidelines provided by wildlife organizations such as The Humane Society.

How to make a cardboard tube bird feeder

As demonstrated by TikTok account @reelpaper, this DIY bird feeder method is incredibly straightforward. The first step depends on whether you wish to hang your bird feeder horizontally or vertically. For a horizontal feeder, after covering the outside with feed, you'll run a string through the inside of the tube when you're ready to hang it. However, for a vertical hanging arrangement, cut small holes on the sides and feed a string through the holes. Complete this step before layering on the sticky material.

To coat the tube with food, begin with a layer of something sticky like peanut butter. A butter knife or spatula might be helpful during the application process. Next, pour a generous amount of bird seed onto a plate. Take the sticky cardboard tube and roll it across the plate so that the tube is coated in bird seed. Then, once you've attached the string, you can hang it outside in the location of your choice. Maintenance is fairly simple — you should change the seeds on your bird feeder about every five to seven days or whenever it looks bare. It's difficult to properly clean your bird feeder when it's made of cardboard, so you should probably make a new one at least once every two weeks. And there you have it: with just a cardboard tube and a few other simple materials, you can make a fully-functional bird feeder.