Why You Should Think Twice Before Installing Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets are in vogue and are popular among homeowners due to their innate sophistication and luxurious vibe. They are great at hiding minor scuffs, serve as a beautiful contrast to lighter tones like white, help build a cozy atmosphere, and this paint color works well with oak kitchen cabinets. However, there are several reasons why you should think twice before jumping on the trend bandwagon and installing black kitchen cabinets to upgrade your cooking area's look and feel. For starters, you'll have to dust and clean these cabinets often — almost every day — to keep them looking new and fresh.

Moreover, being on the other end of the color spectrum, black absorbs light. This, in turn, will shrink your cooking space visually and make it appear smaller than it actually is. Additionally, these dark-themed cabinets won't work on their own, especially in a closed kitchen. So, you'll have to incorporate lighter shades into the decor and add light fixtures to open up the space.

Reasons black kitchen cabinets aren't the best choice

Since black cabinets are the current kitchen trend and are in high demand, you might have to pay more to get them installed. They're also high-maintenance because they attract dirt and dust and showcase food splatters more easily than their lighter counterparts. This makes these cabinets look perpetually dirty and in need of a good scrub, especially if you cook often. Further, black cabinets will highlight watermarks, greasy fingerprints, and signs of wear and tear. So, you'll have to spend precious time and effort to wipe them down after each cooking session.

Moreover, black won't work independently if you've got a small kitchen with limited windows to draw in natural light, as it'll visually decrease the square footage of the space and create a dark and moody atmosphere. Even though this dark shade camouflages existing dings on the cabinet surface, it'll easily accumulate new ones, necessitating fresh coats of paint at regular intervals. Besides, if you're set on this cabinet shade since it's currently trending, remember that it might go out of fashion in the near future. This will negatively impact your home's resale value.