Turn An Empty Coffee Jar Into A Chic Lighting Solution With This TikTok Trick

If you're on a budget, achieving a chic lighting look may be tricky. However, if you have an old coffee jar on hand, then you're in luck. Instead of throwing it away, as TikTok user @tohomeplace shows viewers, you can upcycle it into a trendy new lighting solution. Upcycling is always a great idea, and it helps to reduce excess waste, a worthwhile goal when the U.S. has filled landfills with over 146 million tons of waste. 

Not only does this hack look good in any room, but you only need minimal, cheap items to achieve it. For example, you'll likely already have a coffee jar on hand if you're an active coffee drinker, and the lights shouldn't cost too much. You could even use another style of jar, depending on the aesthetic you're going for. Follow the correct steps, and you can transform the lighting in your space in an instant with just an old glass coffee jar, a large, sharp knife, and a light bulb holder attached to a plug-in cord. When it comes to selecting a bulb, LED is your best bet, as it shouldn't get too hot.

Make your coffee jar trendy in an instant

To begin the process, empty your coffee jar and ensure that it's thoroughly cleaned out. Of course, you should always ensure that it's dry both on the inside and outside if you're doing this hack, as electricity mixed with water can increase the risk of a dangerous electrical shock. You could also use a canning jar, a bottle, or anything else that you feel is suitable for your aesthetic. 

Next, carve an opening in the lid of your jar with the knife. This should be big enough for the bulb holder to fit inside. If necessary, you can always trace a rough outline to help you. Now, you just need to slip everything into place and hang it in your chosen room. The reason this hack works so well is that the jar helps to create a unique-looking effect that a professional lampshade can't mimic, leaving you with stylish statement lighting you can create with minimal effort. However, be careful with LED bulbs, as the heat may melt plastic lids or damage the glass or bulb. Consider using a jar with a metal lid or opting for battery-operated fairy lights. Be sure to test your lamp before committing to a permanent spot.