The Trick To Banishing Mice From Your Home Is In Your Bar

There are but a few tiny critters that have the ability to put the fear of God into a full-grown person like a mouse can. Mickey notwithstanding, most people are repulsed at the sight of this unwelcome visitor within the walls of their home. Some people prefer to get rid of mice humanely, while others have no qualms about killing them. Either way, did you know that you can use beer to lure and trap mice in your home?

Although it might sound ridiculous, mice seem to love the smell of beer. They're not particular, either – any brand or alcohol content will do, and it doesn't matter that it's flat. It's because of the ingredients used to make it, not because they're party animals. So whether you intend to contribute to their delinquency for a while, or you're affording them one last party, we've got the answers on using leftover beer to rid your abode of mice.

How to trap mice using beer

First of all, be sure you check thoroughly when looking for mice entry points, so you place the beer trap where they travel. To make the no-kill version of this trap, simply get a deep bucket (at least 25 gallons) and pour a can inside. The idea is to put enough to attract but not drown them. Next, simply place something sloped beside the bucket that the mice can use as a ramp. This provides easy access so they can jump in for a happy hour. (Don't worry, they won't be unable to climb back out.) Afterward, you can release the mice wherever you choose.

To add even more enticement to the trap, secure a rotating PVC pipe with peanut butter smeared all over the middle to the top of the bucket. You can do this rather easily by placing a thin rod through the bucket and pipe, perpendicular to the pipe. Mice will cross to get to the bait and tumble into the bucket as the pipe rotates. Just be sure you don't fill it up with too much beer, or they'll probably drown. It's as simple as that!