Whatever Happened To Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools After Shark Tank Season 5?

When a fire sprinkler activates, it gushes 15 to 25 gallons of water every minute. While essential during an actual fire, it's a nuisance when the system is triggered accidentally, as the rushing water easily damages property, becoming worse every passing second. Yet there was no tool to shut off the sprinkler until firefighter Matt Scarpuzzi invented it. He created the fire sprinkler tool, a gadget that turns off sprinklers in seconds so you can quickly fix a false alarm instead of dealing with water-damaged furniture.

Scarpuzzi knew this issue personally. On one firefighter call, he faced a 45-minute delay for the building maintenance employee to shut off water to the fire sprinklers. He also witnessed one sprinkler on the 32nd floor create water damage on every level, including the parking garage. Those on-the-job experiences led Scarpuzzi to start his company, Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools. He brought his business idea to "Shark Tank" and pitched it to Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John, hoping one of the Sharks would skyrocket the company.

What happened to Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools on Shark Tank?

Matt Scarpuzzi entered the Tank seeking $150k for 10% equity in Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools. His company featured the patent-pending fire sprinkler tool that disables sprinklers in seconds, the extension pole that extends up to 12 feet, and a home fire sprinkler kit to stop water from pipe breaks and hose leaks.

Daymond John thought the products were ingenious. However, he didn't have industry knowledge to propel the company and went out. Robert Herjavec thought the market was too small and consumers didn't need the product, so he went out as well. Mark Cuban was the next Shark to swim away. He didn't have a problem with the product but instead the entrepreneur. He felt Scarpuzzi was an inventor, not a businessman.

Lori Griener wanted in, but only if another Shark came too. She offered Scarpuzzi $75k for 18%, hoping another Shark would provide the other half. Kevin O'Leary was willing to join in, but he wanted 25% for his $75k, suggesting he and Greiner invest $150k for 50%. It was Scarpuzzi's only deal on the table, but the firefighter didn't come to give away half his business. He left the tank without a deal.

Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools after Shark Tank

Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools was only six weeks old when Matt Scarpuzzi filmed the Season 5 "Shark Tank" episode. Those seven minutes on air did wonders for the business. In an interview with realtor investor J. Darrin Gross, the entrepreneur revealed, "We had about 5,000 emails in 24 hours after the show aired, and we sold out within a matter of days of every product we had." The traffic Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools received overwhelmed their e-commerce site. "Our website crashed the night that it aired," Scarpuzzi admitted. "We had, I think, over 1.2 million hits on our website that night, so it was down for about four or five minutes."

The inventor and business owner didn't land a Shark on his board, but he got someone even better to join the company – his wife. With the company's success, Scarpuzzi's spouse quit her real estate job and joined the Quickstop team. The entrepreneur planned to keep it a family business and hire locally in his San Diego region. This company is another example that leaving the tank without a deal can still be a good thing.

Is Quickstop Tools still in business?

This "Shark Tank" alum is still in business. Consumers rave about the product, whether it's for their home or job site. The company has had some big-time success too, landing a deal with Wyndham Hotels. In 2019, five years after "Shark Tank," the company's name was shortened from Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools to Quickstop Tools. They got a new logo, updated their website, and moved into international markets. The safety tools and accessories are sold in over 30 different countries.

When Matt Scarpuzzi appeared on "Shark Tank," he had three products — the fire sprinkler tool, extension pole, and home fire sprinkler kit. Quickstop Tools has scrapped the kit, improved their original sprinkler gadget, and added several new products — the commercial fire sprinkler tool, firefighter multi-tool, fire sprinkler paint covers, quick cleanup & decon wipes, heavy duty storage case, and wall mount case. Plus, their patents were approved.

What's next for Quickstop Tools and Matt Scarpuzzi?

Quickstop Tools introduced the pro fire sprinkler tool in 2023. For houses with sprinklers, it's a tool every homeowner should have. So far, the company hasn't hinted at any more new products on the horizon. Its YouTube, Facebook, and X, formally known as Twitter, pages were last updated in 2020. However, they broke a three-year hiatus on Instagram, posting their latest innovation. Quickstop Tools' website is still running, with products available there and on Amazon.

While Matt Scarpuzzi is the inventor and founder of Quickstop Tools, he is no longer the CEO. He decided to move into an area that aligned more with his passions. Wearing his inventing hat, Scarpuzzi created Savage UTV, a motor vehicle manufacturing company. He started the new business in 2018 and is still working with his wife, Vanessa Scarpuzzi, who is the operational manager for the off-road vehicle enterprise. It seems during Quickstop Tools' revamp with a new logo and site, they also got a new owner, and Savage UTV became the Scarpuzzis' new family business.