Keep Frogs Out Of Your Yard With A Simple Ingredient Everyone Has At Home

Frogs are cute and fun amphibians to watch sunbathe and eat bugs by the pond. However, these little critters become a lot less adorable when they start negatively impacting your property by attracting scavengers and posing threats to your pets. Fortunately, a cheap and easy hack is at your disposal, and all you need to get the job done is some salt.

While you might not always want to deter frogs from your garden, as they may have some helpful qualities, there often comes a point where frogs cause more harm than good once they've set up shop on someone's property. While they do a good job of keeping the insect population under control, frogs are nowhere near the top of the food chain, and their presence alone automatically attracts larger predators. This includes snakes and small mammals like skunks, foxes, and raccoons, which could potentially pose threats to homeowners and their pets. Along with inviting unwanted visitors, some frog species are toxic to pets, making the amphibians themselves a threat to your furry friends if they were to eat them.

Using salt to deter frogs

To get the most out of this hack, you'll need to know where the frogs typically hang around. Start by observing different areas of your property during dawn, dusk, and late at night, since these are the times when frogs are most active. During your observations, take note of how many frogs you see and where they are most prevalent.

Then, borrow the salt shaker from your kitchen, or purchase a separate one to designate specifically for this hack. During the day, sprinkle salt generously in the spots that frogs seem to frequent. Make sure to do this carefully and avoid getting salt on any plants as it could negatively impact them. When the frogs come out at sundown and come to these salt-filled spots, it will burn their feet, forcing them to evacuate and deter them from coming back. Be sure to keep up with this hack by reapplying salt every few days, and even more frequently after rainstorms. Unlike chemicals and fatal traps, salt is a humane way to get rid of frogs while ensuring the safety of your family and pets.