The Best Way To Keep Sneaky Snakes Out Of Your Basement

Have you ever walked into your basement and seen the long, thin tail of a snake slither into a dark corner? It's enough to stop your heart, then you have to wonder where it will go next! Down the toilet, behind the refrigerator, or the worst possibility — under your bed. We shudder at the thought of one of these slithering serpents existing anywhere inside our home. Rather than moving out and leaving all your belongings behind, you can seal up the gaps around your foundation to keep those sneaky snakes out.

Snakes may try to seek shelter in your basement at any time of year, but they are most likely to try to enter your home in search of warmth in the winter. Because they are cold-blooded, snakes need an external source of heat to stay alive during the coldest months. Outdoors, they will burrow underground or seek shelter in the warmth of a stone wall, but if they can manage to get into your home, then they have found the perfect place to overwinter. Don't give these clever creatures that opportunity if you do not want to deal with trying to get them out.

Seal all gaps

There are several ways to repel snakes and make your basement less appealing as a shelter, but the first thing you need to do to keep them out is to seal up gaps around your home. We are not just talking about holes that look big enough for a snake to slither in, but all cracks along the foundation, as well as any doors and windows that have access to your basement. Also, look for pipes, vents, or any other openings in this area that could be an entry point.

It is important to seal all gaps and holes with a product that is appropriate for outdoor use. Spray foam is a good option for filling in hard-to-reach spaces, and silicone window and door sealant is an excellent way to shore up those areas. Not only does sealing up the cracks and crevices keep snakes out, but it can also help you with your heating and cooling costs, so this is one project with multiple benefits.