The Cozy Fall Spice That Will Have Mice Scurrying Away

Whether they're looking to get away from extreme temperatures and weather conditions or trying to find something to eat and a place to live, mice often find shelter in homes, and these pests can cause quite a bit of damage. When it comes to humanely getting rid of mice, there's one cozy fall spice you've got to try: cloves. Cloves and their pungent smell naturally deter mice, making this common kitchen ingredient an easily accessible, safe, and cost-efficient way to keep the pests away.

There are many reasons that a homeowner should remove mice from their property, especially if they have entered the home. Not only can mice carry and spread serious diseases, but they also contaminate areas by leaving droppings throughout the home. And because they chew through bags and containers to access food, anything left behind is unsafe for human consumption. As for the food they do manage to steal, any leftovers lying around are an open invitation for other pests like ants and cockroaches. But fear not! With a bit of clove, you can have mice scurrying away in no time.

How to use cloves to repel mice

First, it's important to figure out how the mice are getting inside your home. Locate all of the entrances the pests are using, as well as areas around your home that they frequent, such as your basement or pantry. 

Next, grab your cloves. There's a chance they are already available in your kitchen, as they are common ingredients used for adding extra flavoring to spice mixes, hot drinks, and baked goods. If not, the spice can easily be purchased at your local grocery store for just a few bucks.

Simply take the small flower buds and place them at the mouse hotspots and entrances throughout your home. Cloves are known for their strong taste and smell. While humans love it, mice detest it, which should keep them at bay. Replace your cloves every week or so to ensure their ultimate pungency and maintain this hack's maximum efficiency.

Clove essential oil can also repel mice

The natural flower buds straight off of a clove tree are great repellents and work because of their overwhelming scent that mice despise. However, clove essential oils emit the same strong scent, allowing them to work just as well as the plant itself. Used as a healing agent, clove essential oil is known to kill bacteria and relieve conditions like coughing, asthma, toothaches, and muscle pain (via Healthline).

That being said, it's easily accessible to purchase at any local pharmacy. Instead of just placing the cloves directly in an area, you'll need to emanate the scent through an essential oil diffuser. Although this form of the hack requires more materials and may cost a bit more, it's likely to cover more ground.

A typical diffuser can fill an entire room with an aromatic scent after only a few minutes, allowing the hack to start working almost immediately. Like replacing the buds themselves, check on your diffuser every few days to make sure that it has enough oil to vaporize to maximize this hack's efficiency.