The Simple Cotton Ball Trick That'll Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Yard

It isn't uncommon throughout the United States to see raccoons rummaging through trash or mooching off of fresh produce in a home garden. While their masked and cuddly appearance may be cute from afar, raccoons pose a serious threat to humans and their property. Fortunately, for the many people who deal with the masked bandits taking over their yards, there is a simple and cost-effective raccoon deterrent that will keep them out for good: Simply place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around your property.

Raccoons have extremely strong senses, and their sense of smell is no exception. They use it to scope out their favorite foods, and, while they are partial to fruits, nuts, small animals, and insects, raccoons aren't picky. They will basically sink their teeth into any food that appeals to them. However, these small mammals don't like the pungent scent of peppermint and will vacate an area as soon as they catch a strong whiff of it, making it the perfect raccoon repellent.

How to use peppermint oil to deter raccoons

To initiate this hack, you need to know where the problem is. Since raccoons are nocturnal, you'll have the best chance of spotting them in the areas they frequent by checking your property at night. You can also figure out their favorite spots by finding footprints or missing bits of fruits and vegetables throughout your garden.

Next, you will need a bowl, cotton balls, and peppermint oil. Put enough oil in the bowl to dip and allow the cotton balls to fully absorb. Once they're soaked, put the scent-filled cotton balls in the target areas to immediately start repelling raccoons. Since they will dry up quickly, especially if placed in a sunny area of your yard, be sure to keep a close eye on your DIY deterrents. They will need to be replaced a few times a week to maintain full efficiency. Peppermint oil is overall safe for the skin, but you should use gloves while soaking, handling, and replacing the cotton balls to avoid potential irritation. You will notice less mysteriously missing produce from your garden and regain control of your property in no time.