Turn Your Cluttered Kitchen Into An Organized Masterpiece With Jasmine Roth's Helpful Advice

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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, as everyone who lives in your home enters the space at one point or another during the day. With all that traffic, it's easy for your kitchen to quickly become cluttered and fall into disarray. When things in our home are unorganized, it can create anxiety, stress, and confusion in our lives. Thankfully, HGTV's Jasmine Roth has some helpful tips on how to finally deal with overwhelming clutter in your kitchen and turn it into an organized masterpiece, which will then lower your stress levels. She says that defining spaces for different uses, organizing your possessions, and adding items that make your space more efficient will make all the difference between a messy space and a well-kept room.

To maintain order in your kitchen, Roth says it's important to take stock of the functionality of each sector of the room. "When it comes to your kitchen, thinking through how it works can make all the difference," the "Help! I Wrecked My House" host wrote in a TikTok caption. Once you have that information, you can go in and optimize each of those areas for maximum efficiency.

Defining spaces for optimal use

According to Jasmine Roth, the key is being intentional with how you use every corner of your kitchen. For example, she says that if you have multiple coffee machines cluttering your counter, it might be time to create a designated space for a coffee bar in your home. This will allow all your coffee-making machines, utensils, and other items to be located together in one convenient place, which will make brewing your morning coffee fast and efficient. 

Or, if your countertop seating area is frequently used by your kids to complete homework, you'll want to clear out some drawers and allow each child to house their chargers, pens, and other items they'll need for their school work inside. Having drawers for these items will prevent them from ending up on countertops or having to constantly search for these tools when they are misplaced.

Do you often find food scraps on the floor near your garbage? You might want to install a built-in trash can right next to your sink and underneath where you keep your chopping board. This way, you can easily slide scraps from the countertop into the trash can instead of carrying these items all the way over to your garbage and making a mess in the process. Pull-out trash bins are discreet and save space, and you can buy a pull-out shelf mount for your trash can for about $69 from Build with Ferguson

Organizing spaces for efficiency

Jasmine Roth also says that one of the easiest ways to organize and maximize efficiency in your kitchen is to use drawer dividers. These will keep items separated and your drawers from becoming too cluttered. They also require zero construction and can just slide right into your drawer. Bamboo kitchen drawer dividers, which are sold for about $20 from Amazon, can be spring-loaded to adjust to the size of your drawer. 

Another way to reduce clutter is by hiding away items that would otherwise take up valuable countertop space. Paper towels can be tucked away into a pull-out drawer with a space in the front that allows you to tear off pieces without ever having to open the drawer. You can have a piece custom-made for your kitchen or use a pull-out organizer with a roll dispenser and room to store extra rolls or cleaning supplies. One of these items goes for around $287 from Build with Ferguson

A cutting board is another bulky item that's awkward to store and can cause clutter on your countertops or within cabinets. Roth suggests hiding your cutting boards on the side of a kitchen island or between your cabinets for easy access while keeping them out of sight. "You need to chop something? BOOM. Your cutting board is right there at the countertop waiting for you," Roth says on her website, Jasmine Roth. Have a piece customized for you on Etsy, where prices start at $135.