Why Amazon Might Be The Perfect Place To Buy Houseplants

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If you have a thriving garden, want to start one, or simply want to incorporate some houseplants into your home setting, your first choice for buying plants might be your local nursery. However, small stores and flower shops are probably not the most cost-effective. Believe it or not — Amazon may be the perfect place to buy houseplants due to its large selection.

Amazon has many different types of houseplants, including easy-to-grow plants that anyone can keep alive. You can easily scroll through various types to find the one you want without relying on a small or seasonal inventory. You also don't have to settle for just what's in your area since their inventory is expansive. Additionally, you can easily purchase supplies such as fertilizer, pots, and other tools to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Moreover, by ordering on Amazon, you can customize your selections to what would be most suitable for your home. Some homes get more or less sunlight, so you can filter options to show full or partial sun or shade. You can also filter your search by the plants' air purification, fragrant features, and bloom time.

How to find good quality plants on Amazon

With the sheer number of sellers on Amazon, it's no surprise that, like with other products, you can end up with a bad-quality plant. However, if you do the prep work on the Amazon Plant Shop by reading reviews and looking out for how previous customers described the condition the plant arrived in and whether it thrived, you can make a better-informed decision before you buy.

Seek out sellers with good reviews and many consistent stars. You may also find that some sellers are larger companies that sell the exact same plants to big chain home stores. The best sellers will ship their plants in protective material, and your plants will arrive healthy. However, some may need a good watering depending on how long they were in transit.

Of course, once the plants leave the seller's warehouse, there is no accounting for what shipping services will do. You may find that a plant, particularly a big plant, may get damaged every once in a while. However, if they are decent sellers, you can inform them, and they will arrange to send you a new plant.

Top houseplants on Amazon

Some of the best houseplants to buy on Amazon are succulents like the popular snake plant. Cactus plants and aloe plants are other favorites. They can be small to medium-sized, fitting perfectly on a desk or windowsill. These plants survive on very little water and sunlight. Other plants include money tree plants, which are a bit bigger yet still easy to care for. They require a steady supply of indirect sunlight and weekly watering. They are pet-friendly and won't harm your dogs and cats. On the other hand, peace lilies, which are another popular selection, are toxic to pets, so only invest in these if your home is pet-free. Peace lily plants also thrive with indirect sunlight and watering once a week.

If you want to go big or go home, consider a bonsai and palm tree. Palm trees are one of the lowest maintenance plants once they have gotten a firm rooting and adjusted to their new home. Make sure your pot drains well and only water your palm tree when the soil appears dry. Bonsai trees need a good supply of regular sunlight, water, and fertilizer and can blossom indoors.