TikToker Shows Off All The Ways You Can Use A Glass Rinser That Isn't Just Rinsing Glass

If you've ever worked at a restaurant or sat at a bar, then you've probably seen a glass rinser in action. They've been making their way into residential homes in recent years — and if you have one, you're in luck. Homeowners have found a range of different uses for their glass rinsers other than cleaning glasses. In a recent post, TikToker @ellie_beckr demonstrated several alternative items that can be cleaned with a glass rinser. When cleaning bulky items like coffee pots, they can be difficult to place under the faucet of certain sinks — but a glass rinser can change all that. 

Glass rinsers prevent you from having to scrub out your glassware. They are considered to be more sanitary and effective at moving germs, scents, bacteria, and tastes left behind on your glass, especially when you squirt a little soap into it first. It works by placing a cup upside down onto its base and pressing down on it until the sensor is triggered and the high-pressure water jets hit it. It can be attached to your hot or cold water supply line, but hot is recommended. The water then drains into your sink. But ask @ellie_beckr discovered, there are several other ways to use this glass cleaning contraption. 

Uses for a glass rinser

TikToker @ellie_beckr loves yummy queso. Who doesn't? But we don't love trying to scrape all that thick gooey cheese away when the bowl empties. A glass rinser can help with that. Its jet stream will blast that gunk away. Just press the bowl down over the rinser for as long as it takes to remove the cheese. You can twist your bowl as you rinse to make sure all sides of your bowl come clean. 

What about those cups of coffee that were left on the counter? Or that rim of cinnamon on your coffee mug that won't even come out if you put it in the dishwasher? It's no match for your glass rinser. These restaurant-grade gadgets are powerful enough to tackle those fine cinnamon particles and that caked-on layer of coffee. 

They can also loosen chunks of granola, fruit, and seeds from your smoothie bowls before washing them clean. If you've been using that peanut butter hack that'll make your home smell so much better, you might have ended up with some empty peanut butter jars. Don't worry about using any elbow grease to get them clean. Your glass rinser will dislodge it all whether it's the smooth or chunky kind.