The DIY Pool Vacuum That Won't Break The Bank

One of the hallmarks of a great summer is having a pool in your yard where you can cool off from the intense heat. Keeping your pool clean and getting rid of grime ensures that any harmful pathogens are kept at bay, so you can fully relax and enjoy. This is usually done using a pool filter and a pump but often, bits and pieces of dirt and debris can sink to the bottom of the pool and settle there, requiring you to use a pool vacuum to suck them out. If you don't have a working vacuum but still need to tidy up the bottom of your pool, there is a DIY pool vacuum that uses a length of hose pipe and a broomstick.

Pool vacuums can lean toward the expensive side, potentially costing hundreds of dollars, depending on what you buy. However, they are essential if you own a pool since no one wants to swim in gravel, plant material, and other foreign objects that drop in after rainfall. If you're looking for an alternative that won't break the bank, then this hose and broomstick DIY hack is just what you need.

Attach the hose to the broomstick and use as a siphon

If you've ever taken a dip in your pool and felt like the walls and floor were slimy, it's because of the presence of debris. Organic material in your pool, like dead algae, can contribute to scum lining its surfaces which is why vacuuming your pool regularly is necessary. TikTok pool expert @agptips shared a way to do this without having to spend hundreds of dollars buying a vacuum.

First, take a suitable length of hose pipe and attach it to a long broomstick using rope, twine, or secure tape. Make sure the hose is long enough that one end of it is a few feet out of the pool. Then, using the broomstick as a navigation tool, guide the hose first to the filter to start the siphoning process, and then guide it to the bottom of the pool where the debris is located. The hose will suck it up like a vacuum, and spit it out at the other tail end. Make sure you move at a glacial pace to prevent stirring up the particles you're getting rid of.

This works best after a period of not using the pool to allow the debris enough time to settle. That way, everything gets clumped together and is easier to see and siphon out. With this handy hack, you won't have to spend the bulk of your money on a new vacuum to get a clean, sparkling pool.