The Brilliant Way Your Flashlight Could Use The Help Of A Pool Noodle

If you often undertake DIY projects in dark areas of your home, you may find it challenging to get any fiddly tasks done as efficiently as possible. However, one nifty pool noodle hack by @jmg8tor on TikTok shows how you can use a pool noodle to prop up your flashlight, allowing you visual access to otherwise hard-to-see areas. Naturally, this makes the whole DIY process, whether you're tinkering in cupboards or fixing electrics, a whole lot easier. Now, there should be no more fiddling, squinting, or struggling next time you undertake a challenging task.

Of course, this saves you from having to hold the flashlight manually in your hands, which can make fixing anything much more difficult. It will also allow you to have much more power over where exactly the light is shining. This added flexibility is just an extra bonus, but it can make all the difference. So, how exactly do you make this flashlight support from a pool noodle?

You'll need a small piece of pool noodle

In order to recreate this hack for yourself, you'll need a pool noodle, a knife, and some string or zip ties. First, depending on the size of your flashlight, cut your pool noodle shorter and slice a flat side for the bottom. The noodle should be just a bit longer, so it may be useful to have your flashlight on hand. Now, all you have to do is create an opening for the light to go in by slicing through still-rounded side long ways, creating something that looks like a hot dog bun. If you've done it correctly, you should be able to slot your flashlight in so it fits snugly, allowing you to adjust it as necessary. Now, you shouldn't have to fiddle with your flashlight in your hand anymore — result! 

However, if it's slipping around, then you can always use some string or zip ties on either end to make it more secure. The reason this hack works so well is because the pool noodle helps to act as a support, making it much easier to work with in dark areas and ensuring that your flashlight doesn't slide around. However, this hack may not be suitable for larger, heavy-duty flashlights that won't fit inside a pool noodle. Instead, your best bet is to opt for something thin and lightweight.