House Spiders Will Be A Thing Of The Past With This Simple DIY Spray

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"How do I get rid of spiders in my house fast?" is a trending question that magnifies the thrill of confronting the eight-legged intruders. In reality, typical house-bound arachnids are far less nightmarish, their bites (should they happen) generally resulting in little more than slight irritation. However, the needle on the unease meter shoots up when the conversation shifts to two exceptions: the infamous black widow and the brown recluse spiders. These are venomous and could trigger a burning sensation in the bitten area, nausea, fever, and a jump in blood pressure.

Of course, you don't intend to wage full-scale war based on casual encounters with one or two conventional spiders. But spotting a legion of them roaming your house is a different scenario altogether. Your unexpected knight in shining armor? A potent spray made from essential oils. From citronella and peppermint to lavender, these oils double up as your spider-busters, thanks to their pungent smells, which spiders detest as much as you despise their uninvited presence.

But eliminating the existing creepy troops is just half the battle won; you still need to figure out what drew them into your sanctuary. Think of snug shelter, abundant food, effortless entry via cracked walls and windows, dampness, and those cozy, dark corners. Hence, to avert future invasion plotlines, take the time to scrutinize and adjust these issues.

How to get rid of house spiders fast and naturally

Start by assembling your knockout trio: a spray bottle, water, and a bottle of essential oil. There's quite a cast of oils to choose from, whether citronella, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree. Brew your spider deterrent DIY spray by mixing ten drops of your chosen essential oil with water in your spray bottle. Fortify its magic by adding a dispersant like solubol; it's like the perfect wingman that helps the essential oil particles mingle better with water for an even spread. Give the mixture a good shake, and aim at the spider-prone areas.

But let's say you are running low on DIY spirit. Ready-made essential oil spray for spiders, like the Mighty Mint Spider Repellent Peppermint Oil on Amazon, comes to your rescue. Fancy a different spin? Sprinkle a few drops of the pure, undiluted essential oil in the spiders' hideouts or leave oil-soaked cotton balls lying around. You can instead use an equal-part vinegar-water solution laced with a few drops of citronella oil to keep things fresh.

As much as we adore our cats, they're not so great with essential oil. So, keep them away from your toxic spray. Plus, if you've got your unique allergy sagas courtesy of these oils, please neutralize spiders differently. Otherwise, you'll be setting yourself up for a runny or itchy nose, breathing challenges, or skin rashes. Lastly, be sure you don't burn your spider problem away, as concentrated essential oils are flammable.