DIY A Budget-Friendly Strawberry Planter That Solves Your Pest Problems

Although strawberries are a great choice of fruit to implement in any garden, you may often find that they get swamped down by pests. However, instead of spending time rectifying the problem, you could try implementing a DIY strawberry planter by @vilda143 on TikTok that will help to keep pests away. Not only does this make it much easier to maintain and care for your strawberry plants, but it should also save you a buck or two if you're looking for a solution on a budget.

Not only that, but it will also save you from having to intervene with chemical solutions. Instead, this DIY planter is a more natural alternative. In fact, it should make growing and caring for your strawberries a whole lot easier. This makes it the perfect option if you're currently having pest problems and don't want to spend a long time rectifying the issue. So, how exactly do you craft it? We'll break it down for you below. To craft this DIY budget-friendly strawberry planter, you'll need one regular-sized bottle alongside a larger bottle that can hold multiple liters, allowing enough space for you to plant your strawberries while the other bottle is inside. You will also need a wooden pole to insert into the ground, a screwdriver, one screw, and something to cut and insert holes into your bottle.

You'll need some old bottles

So, what's the secret behind this nifty planter? First, you'll need to place your wooden pole firmly inside the ground and cut the lower bottom half of your larger bottle before sliding it on top neck facing down. Now, you need to prep your smaller bottle. You should take the lid of the smaller bottle, screwing it into the top of your wooden pole with your screwdriver so that it's nice and secure. Like this, you can secure your smaller bottle to it. Again, you need to remove the bottom half of the bottle and insert two holes for some purple ribbon, which you can feed through once you make the holes on either side. Now you simply need to pull up the larger bottle and screw it into the wooden pole, inserting holes big enough for your strawberries to come out of.

To seal the deal, all you need to do is add your soil and strawberry seedings to the outside container and add some water into the smaller bottle in the middle. This will give your strawberries a necessary supply of water. The reason this works so well is that the planter is elevated off the ground, making it harder for pests to reach, especially if you cover it with netting. Now, you should have much more edible produce ready to go. Just make sure you pick your strawberries at the right time so you don't waste any.