Can Pine-Sol Really Help Keep Lizards Out Of The House?

As much as many homeowners are animal-lovers and sometimes welcome creatures into their spaces, not all animals fall under that category. Finding a stray kitten in your potted porch plant is one thing, but animals such as reptiles are often a fierce no-no. Some people are under the impression that all lizards are harmful and a single bite could contain venom. However, although venomous lizards do exist, common house lizards are generally harmless to you and your pets and kids. Although lizards aren't as worrisome as snakes, they can still manage to turn a lot of people off. If you have a lizard problem at home, one thing that could be an effective solution is using Pine-Sol's strong smell to keep them at bay.

If you experience a lizard home invasion from time to time, then you might want to check on your bug levels. Lizards are insectivores which means they love eating insects. They're usually attracted to homes because of the presence of food and water, so if you have insects crawling around, you're sure to welcome the reptile visitors as well. Fortunately, lizards have a very strong sense of smell that's connected to their sense of taste. They hate potent scents, and if there's one thing we know about Pine-Sol, it's that this cleaner's fragrance is pretty concentrated. Cleaning with enough of it might just put an end to your scaly problem.

Clean your house with Pine-Sol to ward off lizards

Pine-Sol is one of the more popular cleaning solutions and is a great multi-surface cleaner that disinfects and deodorizes the house. Its famous pine and lemon scents are so strong that they can repel stray lizards from your home. To use this product effectively, combine a quarter cup of the solution with a gallon of water and use the mixture to clean any surfaces with a sponge or cloth. Then, go back over the surfaces with clean water to rinse the area. The scent should still be left behind, which is what will keep lizards away.

This method is very effective against lizards, but it only stays active for as long as the scent of the cleaner lingers. Once the fragrance diffuses out, the lizards may return, so you'll have to be consistent with the treatment. If you're going to keep this up, you can choose to fill up a spray bottle with the mixture and spray it in key entrance areas like around doors and windows to get rid of the lizards humanely. In addition to Pine-Sol, a great supplement to this is doing your part to keep insects out of your house by removing anything that could attract them. Food crumbs, clutter, still water, and trash are all capable of signaling a green light to bugs. If you drive away these bug food sources, lizards will have to find their insects elsewhere.