Refresh Your Linty Wool Dryer Balls With This Genius Hack

While wool dryer balls are a handy tool to use in your dryer, they can eventually clog up. With many of us using them at least once out of every seven days, it's no wonder that such an occurrence happens. However, rather than toss them in the trash, you can give your wool dryer balls a breath of fresh air incredibly easily and restore them to their former glory. The answer? Give them a quick wash and watch them work their magic once more. Not only will this save you a few pennies from purchasing more to replace them, but it also doesn't take too much time and effort on your behalf. Rather than cleaning them by hand, you can let your washing machine do all the hard work for you — what more could you ask for?

As a result, you should find that you can use your dryer balls for much longer. If you have some that you were otherwise going to discard, then trying this out will be just what you need. However, you need to ensure that you follow the process correctly.

Put them in your washing machine

In order to refresh your linty wool dryer balls, either wash them in your washing machine on their own or combine them with your regular clothes cycle. Either option works well and will depend on your personal circumstances; just ensure that you don't overload your washing machine, as it will make it harder for your appliance to do a good job. However, implementing them with your clothes wash is arguably more eco-friendly, as you will be using one wash rather than two separate ones, which equates to less water usage. While it's undoubtedly useful, overdoing this trick could end up negatively impacting their ability to do a good job. You should be able to gauge whether or not this is the case as you continue to use them after you wash them. After this, you can decide whether they're worth keeping or not. You can always wrap a sock around them to keep them safe if you want to combat these effects.    

In addition, you can wash as many as you like — there is no limit. Just make sure that you use hot water, and not cold. Although hot water can use up to 50% more energy, per the Department Of Energy, it should help to ensure they're clean. In this case, the washing machine works to dislodge anything that's clogging up your wool dryer ball, just as it would with your clothes. Now, you can use them just as you did before.