Why You'll Want To Have A Dry-Erase Marker On Hand When Carving Pumpkins

Carving Halloween pumpkins might be one of the best parts of the fall season, especially when you get to place a light inside and stand back to admire your work. While pulling the seeds and insides out can be one of the less exciting parts of the ordeal, outlining your design might be the second most tedious part of carving your jack-o'-lantern. Choosing a picture or idea is always exciting, but executing it on a spherical surface requires concentration, and not all pens and markers are created equally when it comes to this task. While permanent markers have been a staple of pumpkin carving, it's dry-erase variations you want to invest in thanks to their easily removable nature.

Pens and permanent markers can leave behind stains and lines that can only be covered up by carving them out completely, but dry-erase markers make it easy to trace your design and then clean off any remaining traces of color. For ideal results, you should gather your supplies for sketching and cleaning before getting started. Baby wipes, markers, and a cloth will come in handy during your session.

Tips for using a dry-erase marker when carving pumpkins

Wiping any dirt and residue off of your pumpkin before beginning will ensure your dry-erase lines stay on the surface while you draw and carve, especially since many of them come home with some dust from their crates. If you have a vegetable brush, use this on the entire outside of your pumpkin with water, which will scrub off stuck-on dirt. You don't need a brush, however, as a clean microfiber cloth, a tea towel, or a paper towel that has been dampened will get the job done.

Once you've wiped down your "canvas," dry it thoroughly before putting your outlines down. Use a darker dry-erase color to get a solid picture that you can easily cut around, and try to avoid rubbing any of the ink with your hands or arms as it can smear. You can make as many mistakes as you need, just use a damp cloth or a baby wipe to clear them away as you draw.

Even though dry-erase markers hardly leave any residue, they can stain if left too long, so make sure to wipe any visible lines away once you've finished cutting around them. After an hour, you might find that the marker has dyed your pumpkin, so be vigilant with the baby wipes. Once you've completely finished, give the entire thing another clean with a fresh paper towel, baby wipe, or cloth before inserting your candle or light.