The DIY Concrete Patio That Will Add Style To Your Yard

Is there an unfinished area or a section of your yard that could use some improvement? If you're a devoted DIYer and good at using your hands to build things, it could be time to extend or improve your patio area, making sure you choose the right patio shape first. If an antique cobblestone look is appealing and fits in with your design preferences, then this DIY project is perfect for you. You can make your own little patio stones using concrete, quart-sized Ziploc bags, and some sand to 'age' it, making it seem like it's been on the property for years.

This is one of the more budget-friendly hacks out there. In case it's been a minute since you visited Lowe's for a bag of concrete, two 90 lb. bags might run you about 11 bucks. If you can get good use out of a large box of Ziploc bags, a container of 80 will run you $10, or $15 if you have it shipped. You'll need some sand from the beach or from the gardening store, and a charming but optional touch is to pick up some stones that glow in the dark at night. As long as you have a mixing tool for the cement and a broom to spread the sand over the finished product, you're ready to get started.

How to make concrete garden cobblestones

The first step is to decide where in your yard you'll be placing the stones, and then clear grass away from the area, raking it clean. Once the area is defined, place enough empty Ziploc bags down that fit the space to get an estimate of how many stones you'll need. When mixing concrete, always follow the instructions. You can split the bag open horizontally with a knife to make it easier to use. We recommend that you put water in your heavy-duty plastic mixing bucket first then add the concrete to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. Mix the concrete to the right consistency so that it easily falls off the mixing tool.

Once your concrete is ready, spoon it into a Ziploc bag, filling it halfway to three-quarters of the way full. When all your blocks are done, place them in your yard, pressing them into squarish shapes and tucking the top of the bag underneath. If you want to get decorative, cut open the center of the bag to add some colored stones to the wet cement. Allow for 48 hours for the concrete to dry, then remove the plastic. Finally, pour sand in the cracks between the stones and sweep it over the top to antique them!