The Hack You'll Want To Know If Your Rugs Won't Stay In Place

Area rugs can be a dream in a way because they offer a cozy vibe without having an entire room carpeted. Not only do they save you a lot of vacuuming time but they also save you the expense of buying a wall-to-wall carpet. However, they can be a nightmare when they don't stay put where they should. Fortunately, there's a TikTok hack that can save your sanity and all you need is a little Velcro to keep the rug down.

Gauging the right size and style is an important step in choosing a rug. If you decide on a small, lightweight one, they often tend to move around a lot as they don't have much weight to keep them in one place. While these types of rugs, especially those that can be folded, are very easy to clean, it can be frustrating as well as a safety hazard if they don't stay in place. By using Velcro, you can pin down a rug in just a few minutes. For this particular hack, you'll need Command Strips. These strips are typically part of a hanging system used to hold hooks for picture frames and other wall art, however, they are incredibly versatile and can be used in other, unexpected ways around the house.

How to use Velcro to pin down a rug

TikTok user @Elimarie08 advises placing one Command Strip across each corner of the rug. Just as you would if you were hanging a picture, you place the first part of the strip adhesive side down and then place the partner strip across the top so the Velcro fits snugly together. Then, you remove the outside seal. This is the part that would normally stick on a wall. All you need to do now is place the rug where you like. Be careful to put it down exactly where you want it since the corner will stick to the floor immediately. Once it is in the perfect spot, press down on the corners to help the adhesive stick.

Keep in mind that these strips won't work on concrete or wood. Additionally, know that Command Strips are not meant to be reused, so you will have to use a new strip whenever you move the rug. When you do remove them, if the adhesive stays stuck to the floor, you can loosen it by using the heat from a hair dryer.