The Product That Will Remove Stuck On Stains From Your Toilet

Grimey toilet stains are quite unsightly — they can make the rest of your bathroom feel unhygienic if they aren't taken care of. Luckily, there is one common cleaning powder that will remove the toughest of stains in no time: Ajax Powder Cleanser. This simple cleaning product can remove everything from grime to mineral build-up to rust, which means it can tackle the ugliest toilet bowl stains. It also means that you don't have to switch between specialty products to remove different blemishes, allowing you to cut back on the amount of products you buy.

This is a great hack to try, not only because it's effective, but also because you can earmark Ajax for the entire bathroom. Rather than having a separate product to clean the toilet, another to tackle faucets, and a third to clean tiles, you can just use this powder to clean them all. This all-purpose cleaner cleans stainless steel (so it can safely clean your faucets and shower heads) and removes soap scum from tiles with ease, including marble and granite ones. Ready to simplify your bathroom cleaning? Here's why Ajax is an excellent toilet cleaner substitute. 

How to use Ajax to remove difficult toilet stains

To remove tough stains from your bowl, flush the toilet to wet the porcelain and then coat it with a thick layer of Ajax. The amount you use depends on how bad your stains are. If you have minor staining, a thin sprinkling should be enough. However, if your toilet hasn't been cleaned in weeks or it has difficult mineral build-up or stubborn rust stains, add a thicker layer. Allow the product to sit in the bowl for a few minutes to soften and loosen the grime, and then use your toilet bowl brush to scrub it clean. If you have difficult stains, it's best to use a bristle brush rather than a sponge or silicone brush, as it helps remove the stubborn build-up better. 

Ajax works for tough toilet stains for many reasons. First, it has bleach, so it can disinfect the bowl just as well as specialty toilet cleaners. Second, since it's in powder form, it's a mild abrasive, which helps scrub away build-up. Plus, its main ingredients are sodium carbonate (aka washing soda) and calcium carbonate. The washing soda softens the water, allowing the cleaning agent to better access and remove the dirt, and the calcium carbonate provides the abrasiveness, removing the dirt entirely.