This Handy Pool Noodle Hack Will Save You Money On Heating Your Pool

While a good number of homeowners have pools, they don't always have water heaters. It can be a drag when you're in the mood to unwind, longing to be surrounded by heated water, only to be met with a bone-chilling pool. Fortunately, there's an ingenious pool noodle hack to solve this dilemma. With just some pool noodles, hula hoops, and garbage bags, you can craft a host of reusable DIY makeshift pool heaters. 

If you're not looking to spend a little extra cash, then you can forget about installing a pool heater which will set you back up to a whopping $10,000. Sometimes, desperate times do call for desperate measures and that is what this handy pool noodle hack is. A world where you wouldn't have to worry about waiting for your body to adjust to the bite of cold pool water sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Knowing you don't have to break the bank to achieve it is even better. Once you've set up your heaters, you can heat your pool and waste no time jumping in for that much-needed R&R.

How to use pool noodles to transfer solar heat to the water

Instagram user Sammy Treleaven's genius pool noodle hack uses the power of solar heat concentrated through plastic bags for a cheap way to heat the pool. Plastic is a decent insulator and can effectively retain heat. Before starting, you'll need some pool noodles, garbage bags, hula hoops, and a pair of scissors. Begin by fitting the hula hoops into the garbage bags until they're all the way in. Then, tie up the ends really well so that there won't be any open spaces, as you don't want water seeping into your heating contraption. You'll end up with a big garbage bag disc. Grab a pool noodle, chop it up into four pieces, and then cut down the sides of each piece. Clamp these pieces onto the disc to secure its buoyancy and you have a DIY pool heater. Throw the heaters into the water and wait until they heat it before diving in.

How many discs you'll need to make is based on how large your pool is. A downside to this hack is that it might only heat the surface of your pool and not the entire thing. Also, as it works by transferring the heat waves from the sun to the pool, this won't work as efficiently on a cloudy day.