The Essential Cleaning Product That'll Keep Your Home Lizard-Free

While you may be used to dealing with pests in your home, having a lizard scurry by can be an unwelcome shock. Although there are plenty of ways to get rid of these creatures, it may not prevent them from coming back. So, what's the solution? As it turns out, using bleach can help keep your home lizard-free and even prevent them from returning. Best of all, bleach is incredibly inexpensive, especially when compared to calling in a professional, which could set you back up to a whopping $500. In this case, using bleach probably seems like a complete no-brainer.

Not only is using bleach to ward off lizards from your home a cheaper alternative, but it is also easy to do. However, it does have its limitations, and you'll have to know how to use it correctly. So, how exactly do you use this staple cleaning product to keep lizards away from your home?

Use bleach on potential lizard entry points

To ward off lizards, you'll first have to create a diluted spray using bleach and water. Next, all you simply have to do is identify any potential areas where the lizards tend to congregate and clean them with your spray as you would do when you clean normally. However, you should always double-check that you can work with bleach on certain materials. For example, you should never apply it to wood, marble, laminate, and leather, to name a few. Likewise, you can also clean any areas that you suspect they're entering your home from.

The strong scent of bleach repulses the lizards, which is why it helps to ward them off from your home space. However, while it may seem like a good idea, you should keep in mind that this cleaning staple has the potential to seriously harm and even be fatal to lizards, so it may not be the kindest option. Likewise, you also need to ensure that you wear gloves when working with bleach so that you don't get any on yourself.