This Herb Already In Your Kitchen Banishes Gophers From Your Garden

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Imagine waking up to your plants gnawed down to stubs and a trail of dirt mounds crisscrossing your once vibrant and lush garden, all thanks to gophers. These subterranean creatures may appear cute and harmless, but they have appetites as voracious as their drive to excavate extensive tunnel systems. But before you rush for harsh pesticides or complex traps, amidst your collection of spices awaits an unsung hero ready to help with your endeavor to rid your yard of gophers. Enter thyme. This aromatic herb not only brings your meals to life but also rolls up its sleeves to ensure your garden thrives as you desire, undisturbed and beautiful.

Thyme's gopher-repelling properties boil down to its intense aroma. Gophers have poor eyesight, a shortcoming they compensate for with an exceptionally acute sense of smell. This is where thyme comes into play. Its aroma is nothing less than a pungent, unwelcome alarm bell that sends gophers scurrying for less aromatic pastures, helping to curb the burrowers' destructive tendencies in your garden. But thyme's charms don't end there in this war. When planted, it's also a low-maintenance addition to your garden and a fantastic culinary accessory, making your fight against gophers a win-win situation.

How to deter gophers from your garden using thyme

Planting thyme within your garden can turn the tables on those pesky gophers likely to wreak havoc on your plants. Spread it plentifully around the boundaries, blend it among your existing plants, or craft elaborate thyme-laden borders. This fragrant fortress not only safeguards your green haven but enhances its aesthetics with a charming, ornamental flair that draws pollinators. But it's not necessarily a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal. You might want to tear the leaves occasionally, catalyzing the release of the gopher-repelling aroma. Dry thyme leaves could be your secret weapon, too. Grind them until the smell hits your nose, then distribute the compound strategically on gopher hotspots.

Ever thought about thyme oil? It's an underrated powerhouse, ready to send the gophers packing. A 100% organic option, like Majestic Pure Thyme Oil, available for $16.19 on Amazon, is highly endorsed for the mission. Start with a few drops scattered in the gophers' favorite garden spots, serving as an eviction notice they can't ignore. If you fancy mixing potions, create a gopher-banishing spray by diluting 20 drops of thyme oil in a spray bottle. Douse your garden's targeted areas with this sly solution. Remember, though, thyme oil packs a powerful punch and needs careful handling. If that isn't enough, soak cotton balls in thyme oil and shove them deep into gopher tunnels. That ensures the thyme scent infiltrates the core of their gophers' subterranean hideouts, driving them intruders away from your garden.