The Fixer To Fabulous Flooring Tip That'll Make Your Space Feel Bigger

While you might not have the budget for a bigger home — the great news is you can fake the appearance of one. As demonstrated by "Fixer to Fabulous" stars Dave and Jenny Marrs, sometimes all it takes is opting for just one type of flooring throughout your home. Talk about a bottom-up solution! 

In a 2022 episode of "Fixer to Fabulous" named "Home Dreams Live On," Dave and Jenny worked with homeowner Kimberly Carnahan to create a more open, larger-looking home. One of Jenny's chief concerns was switching up the flooring in the space. While the homeowner was already onto something, saying she'd prefer something lighter — a well-known hack for the illusion of a bigger space — Jenny took things one step further. Her suggestion was to pull out the jarringly different tiles from the kitchen and stick with the same flooring throughout the home. "It just helps to have consistent flooring throughout. It'll make the space feel bigger," she explained (via YouTube). 

As Jenny and Dave revealed on their website, they settled on repel hardwood, which was installed all the way from the front door, through the kitchen, into living spaces, and down the passage. This cohesiveness translates into a bigger-looking space — the great thing is that this can easily be replicated in your own home.

Light-colored, durable options are your new best friend

Possibly the first thing stopping many people from picking a singular flooring type is the fact that not all floors work in all places. Hardwood in a kitchen is risky, and tile can feel a little cold in bedrooms and living rooms — however, there are some options that can work in every room. Jenny and Dave Marrs used Shaw Floors' repel hardwood in Kimberly Carnahan's home. For those not familiar, this is genuine hardwood, coated in water-repelling technology — making it safe for installation throughout the whole home. This type of flooring will set you back just under $9 per square foot, excluding shipping and installation fees, so it can get pricy. However, if you're a fan of the look, you can also opt for a luxury vinyl plank alternative – Amazon sells 54 square feet for around $80. 

Alternatively, if you are happy with the tiles in some sections of your home, those can be extended, too — and don't worry about losing coziness. You can always up the warmth factor using rugs. Again, opt for lighter colors to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it is. It also helps to stick with just one, big rug — but do remember to keep some of the flooring visible. After all, that's the real hero here, and the thing that'll transform your space from studio-esque to stately.