You'd Never Know This Beautiful Christmas Wreath Was Made Out Of Pool Noodles

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There's something special about sentimental Christmas décor, and few things say sentiment quite like a homemade wreath. If you're looking to craft your own Christmas wreath to adorn your door this holiday season, you can get started with a pool noodle. The best part? By the time you're done with this DIY wreath, no one will ever be the wiser about the foam noodle underneath.

For this easy Christmas craft, the pool noodle will serve as your wreath's base, which means you can customize it to whatever size you prefer. Aiming for a wreath big enough to be seen from space? Grab an extra-length noodle, or make your own by securing multiple foam noodles together with duct tape. However, if you'd prefer to start out small, just one regular-sized pool noodle will do for this craft — like DIYer Bargain Bethany used in her own pool noodle-turned-ornament wreath (seen above, via YouTube) — and again, duct tape is all you'll need to turn it into a ring.

Ideas for decorating a pool noodle wreath

Once your wreath's base is formed, all that's left is the decorating. Just remember, the key to this DIY is to make sure no one knows your wreath began as a foam noodle. And, with different-sized baubles, as well as floral sprays, picks, lights, ribbon, etc., you should be able to cover the noodle pretty well, but if you're at all worried about the foam peeking through, you can always cover the pool noodle in tinsel, garland, or ribbon first.

For tinsel, around the holidays, you can easily find packs of different festive colors, like red, green, and gold. For garland, you can find various deals, too, like a 15-foot length of artificial garland at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. Alternatively, if you prefer a more natural-looking garland to cover your pool noodle wreath, there are plenty of options online and in-store as well, such as this 6-foot cypress pine garland by DearHouse, available on Amazon for $25. For ribbon, consider mesh ribbon, like this jute mesh ribbon by Celebrate It at Michaels for $9.99, which, depending on the color of your pool noodle, can either blend in or complement the foam.

When you're ready to display your DIY pool noodle wreath, simply attach a piece of string or craft wire to the top of the wreath, to make a loop you can hang on a hanger, a nail, or a hook. As for where to hang it, while wreaths are traditionally hung from front doors, there are plenty of other fun places you can add a wreath to, too, like a gate or a porch pillar. A wreath also makes for an easy holiday decorating idea for small spaces.