How To Make Custom Furniture Using IKEA's STIG Barstools

While barstools are certainly a useful addition to any kitchen or bar area, sometimes they lack any character or flair. If you're looking to spruce up your barstools, then @dahliablue0 shows how you can transform a once plain stool into something both comfortable and eye-catching. By creating your own custom furniture, you'll be able to style your space however you like, using minimal items at a fraction of the cost of something store-bought. This DIY is a great way to save money while still being able to achieve a stylish look. 

Even better, it will also give you the creative freedom to select materials that suit your vision. So, how exactly can you replicate this trendy TikTok hack for yourself? For this hack, all you'll need is some IKEA STIG barstools for $19.99, some fabric, scissors, a tape measure, an adhesive to stick your fabric down, and some spray paint in the color of your choice, which you will use on your chair. Of course, you should plan your fabric and colors before commencing with your project so you can adapt this hack to your interior. For example, you could use fabrics such as velvet or leather, which can add a high-end feel. However, you could also upcycle any old materials you have, even sewing them together to create a patchwork effect for something more rustic. Colors such as pink and yellow can add a vibrant feel, while neutral tones can create a more laid-back space. 

Personalizing your IKEA STIG barstool

To begin, you'll need to disassemble the seat and backrest of your barstool from the legs. Once complete, lay down something to protect your floor from the spray paint, whether indoors or outdoors, and give the legs a good even coating of paint. While you wait for it to dry, you can measure and snip your chosen fabric to size before securing it to your seat and backrest using your adhesive glue. Just make sure that it's the correct type of glue for your fabric before getting started and that you apply enough. Now, all you have to do is reattach everything once your spray paint is dry, and voila — you should be left with some eye-catching stools for your space. 

Not only does choosing your own fabric help to add a custom look, but it also adds comfort. Ensure that you purchase enough material for the job and take all the correct safety precautions when using products like spray paint. Likewise, you also need to allow the glue enough time to dry, or the material might not adhere correctly. Altogether, this hack is relatively inexpensive; however, the price will vary depending on the fabric you use and how many stools you buy. For example, this patterned upholstery from Joann's costs $41.98 for 2 yards. However, some navy velvet fabric is roughly $30 for 2 yards. For your spray paint, you can find some for as little as $2.48 from Walmart, depending on the color.