The Genius Hack To Make Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan That Much Easier

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Because dust is caused by both outdoor and indoor debris, every part of your house requires frequent dusting. One place that probably doesn't get enough attention is your ceiling fan, as the blades notoriously house several layers of dust. This cleaning task is often forgotten because it's inconvenient and the dust typically isn't visible from the ground. Some use dusters to clean this fixture, but this can simply transfer the particles from the fan onto any furniture and appliances in the room. Others wipe down the blades with damp rags, but this can leave unattractive streaks behind. Luckily, there's a genius TikTok hack that will make cleaning your ceiling fan easier. Simply cover the blades with special covers that can be removed and thrown into the washing machine. You can snag a complete set of five blade covers from Amazon for around $40.

Whether you know it or not, the built-up dust in your home is hazardous to your health and contributes to a lot of stuffy noses, watery eyes, and other flu-like symptoms. Your ceiling fan spreads around particles such as pathogens within the dust, which can negatively affect your health. This is why cleaning your ceiling fan blades regularly is so important, and blade covers could help you complete this task. However, before you purchase and test out these covers, it's important to know about the pros and cons of this hack.

The pros and cons of ceiling fan blade covers

One of the largest benefits of using ceiling fan blade covers is how easy they are to use. When they become dusty, you can just peel them off, shake them outside or over the trash can, throw them into the washing machine, and hang them up to dry. Once they're all cleaned up, place them back on your ceiling fan until they're covered in dust again. Further, because the covers come in a variety of patterns and colors, you can customize the look of your ceiling fan to your tastes. They also prevent those frustrating streaks that can occur when you wipe down the blades with a damp rag. 

However, this hack still comes with a couple downsides. For instance, you still have to climb up high to reach the covers, so this trick may require the same amount of work that it would when cleaning your fan with a duster or rag. There's also the possibility that the covers won't fit your blades perfectly and may leave some parts exposed. In fact, they may even end up hanging off the blade entirely like some Amazon reviewers complained. You may have to secure them if they're too big for your blades, which doesn't exactly push the "stress-free" narrative you want. All in all, while this genius trick has some benefits and may be worthwhile for some, it's not an effortless or perfect solution.