This TikTok Hack Makes Your Air Vents Look Like A Work Of Art

Finding a balance between symmetry and asymmetry is important in interior design. Symmetry creates harmony, but too much of it is boring. Asymmetry introduces dynamic tension and energy that, ironically, creates more harmony. But speaking of an asymmetrical element, have you ever considered what to do about the hideous-looking vents that lurk at the bottom of your walls or make a bold, weird statement that draws attention to itself? They're not trying to make you cringe every time you pass them, but in an otherwise fantastic home, design blips like these do occur. That's why we appreciate one TikToker's mission to reform ugly vents with cute magnetic covers. They fit snugly while making a point of looking attractive and artistic — imagine a giant refrigerator magnet transformed into wall art, and you'll have the right idea.  

If the vents in your house are made from metal (many HVAC vents are made from galvanized steel), then these upgraded magnets are perfect. One way to harmonize a room is to help the vent cover blend into the décor, for example, by matching its color to the walls. Craftily disguising a vent is a cool workaround to keep your décor in tip-top shape.

How to make your air vents sing

There are a few different ways to tackle this issue. The vent cover featured in this video is made from white vinyl and backed by a magnetic coating. When you place an order for vent covers like these (ReVentCovers has an Etsy shop), you need to give the exact height and width dimensions of your vent to receive covers that are accurately sized. Whether or not you're a hardcore DIYer, we like the fact that they are paintable, so you can make them seamlessly fit in with your gorgeous wall décor. Their designs range from floral to more geometric. 

Another company, AtelierParc, makes wooden decorative vent covers that you can paint or stain any color, but they look gorgeous as-is. Then, in the best-of-both-worlds department, StellarAirVents combines wooden decorative covers with a magnetic backing. No matter who the vendor is, the most important thing about vent covers is that they must allow for sufficient airflow. The underlying vents still need to be able to do their job of delivering a conditioned air temperature or pulling air out of a room in order to condition it. Also, it's important that vent covers are properly secured and the right size.