Brilliant Ways You Should Be Using Dryer Sheets Outside Of The Laundry Room

We all reach for dryer sheets (maybe one too many) when we want our clothes to smell fragrant and feel soft straight out of the dryer. Adding the woven fibers coated in fabric softener, perfumes, and lubricants to the drum creates a static-reduced and wrinkle-free load that conditions your clothing while leaving a lovely scent. Although you don't want to use them for moisture-wicking garbs like towels and athletic wear, they can surely benefit the rest of your wardrobe. However, this popular product doesn't reach its full potential if you only use it in the laundry room, as it can also be used for other tasks besides ones having to do with your garments. 

In fact, dryer sheets have a purpose in every room of the house and even outside in your garden. This item is an effective tool for cleaning various messes on different surfaces, as its coarse texture can scour tough stains, but it's also gentle enough for delicate items. Plus, the ingredients it contains, like the lubricants and fragrances, have cleaning properties. If you test out some of these hacks, your clothes won't be the only thing that's sweet-scented and fresh.

Remove pet hair

Pet hair loves to cling to fabric items, which includes everything from the curtains to the couch. However, there is no need to ban your furry companion from lounging on the recliner. Simply take a dryer sheet and swipe the surface of the fabric to collect and trap the loose furs. The static-reducing properties in the laundry tool will lock in those hairs from your four-legged friend. This can also work on human hair as well.

Deter garden pests

Linalool is a common ingredient in dryer sheets that's also found in bug-resistant plants like lavender and coriander. The alcohol is used to ward off creatures like mites and beetles. It is the main ingredient that makes the laundry staple great for deterring garden pests. Simply cut the scented sheets into small squares and lay them on top of your soil to create a protective barrier around your greenery.

Clean electronics

Your computer monitor, TV screen, and other techno gadgets could probably use a dusting. If you're not sure whether or not they need to be cleaned, shine a light on the surface, as this will probably reveal lots of debris. Your dryer sheet can take care of the dust in a couple of swipes, and there's no need for cleaning sprays. This is the perfect hack, especially since liquids should be nowhere near your electronics.

Refresh odor hotspots

One reason dryer sheets are used in the laundry is for their fragrance, and more than just your clothes can benefit from a crisp scent. Place a few dryer sheets in odor hotspots like at the bottom of the garbage can or inside the toilet paper roll to help eliminate funky smells. For long-lasting freshness, swap out the sheets for new ones whenever you put a new garbage bag in or change the tissue roll.

Eliminate soap residue

Soap scum on the shower curtain, door, walls, and floor doesn't stand a chance against dryer sheets. The rough texture of each sheet gives it enough scouring power to tackle the soap residue, but this surface is still gentle enough so it won't scratch your tile and glass. After you scrub the entire shower with damp dryer sheets and watch the scum disappear, finish it off with a water rinse to flush the area.

Polish faucets

Water stains and fingerprints keep your metal faucets from shining like new, but you don't need to whip out the chrome polish and microfiber cloth, as a dryer sheet will do the trick. You can shine all your steel hardware with a used or new dryer sheet. It will buff the surface and remove any top layer stains like water marks to restore its luster. Use it on your metal faucets, door handles, and showerheads.

Soften stuck-on food before scrubbing

Whether burned food bits are clinging to the bottom of the pan or an entire layer of lasagna is married to the dish, don't waste any time and elbow grease scouring away — just use a dryer sheet instead. To dissolve the caked-on food without the risk of scratching your cookware, fill the dirty pot with enough water to cover its base, then add a squirt of dish soap and one to two dryer sheets. Next, let the cookware soak for an hour. The crusted food will break down, and you can wash the dish as usual without the hassle of scrubbing.

Trap and lock dust

Just as dryer sheets trap and lock pet hair, they do the same for dust and fine particles. They make cleaning the baseboard, window blinds, lamps, and virtually every other surface much easier. Use dryer sheets as you would a cleaning cloth by rubbing them across your dusty surfaces to collect the debris. You can even save money on Swiffer refills by using a dryer sheet instead of the brand's disposable pads to dust your floors.

Remove deodorant marks

Deodorant marks are one of the toughest laundry stains, and getting them out may seem taxing. However, all you need is a used dryer sheet. Fresh ones could leave residue on your clothing, defeating the stain-removing purpose. Ensure the sheet is dry, crumble it into a ball, and scrub the deodorant stain in circular motions. You should see the white smudge lift almost immediately.

Clean the iron

Cleaning your iron is critical, as any residue on the plate can transfer to the fabrics when trying to get them wrinkle-free. With a dryer sheet, cleaning the appliance is simple. You'll need to turn it onto its lowest setting and use a crumpled sheet to wipe its face. If the iron is too hot to touch at its lowest temperature, lay the dryer sheet on the ironing board and move the device back and forth along the sheet. Then, you'll have a gunk-free iron that's ready to go.