Handy Ways To Repurpose Tennis Balls Around The House

If your tennis days are long behind you, or you still frequent the court and have deflated balls, neither is a valid reason to send those neon orbs to the local landfill. There are many ways to repurpose tennis balls around the house and even in the yard — more than just as a toy for your four-legged friend or as a decoration. You can use a tennis ball for laundry, gardening, and even renovating. In fact, a tennis ball can help clean up messes and prevent others from happening.

The outer yellow fabric of a tennis ball is made of wool and nylon, a mixture that can wick moisture away and dry quickly. Wool is also coarse and anti-microbial, perfect for scrubbing surfaces without collecting bacteria or odors. The ball's interior, meanwhile, is made from pressurized rubber, which resists both wear and corrosion, as well as being sturdy and easy to maintain. While some household hacks in our list keep the ball whole, others tear it apart, but frankly, they all demonstrate that a tennis ball is useful beyond the court — handy from the inside out.

Fashion a door bumper with a tennis ball

A swinging door can unintentionally create cracks and holes in a wall as the handle collides with it. Luckily, a tennis ball makes an effective bumper. While you could place a ball right over some knobs, the more visually appealing option is to put it down below. You'll need a thick sheet of cardboard larger than the tennis ball, glue, and a knife. Simply cut the ball in half and glue both ends to either side of the cardboard. Let it dry and place the DIY bumper on the floor behind your entryway. The board will keep the ball from rolling around, while the layer of rubber and fabric keeps the door from slamming into the wall.

Babyproof furniture with tennis balls

Whether there's a little one at home or you're certified clumsy, a tennis ball is handy to soften hard edges. To do so, create a slit in the ball using a knife and slide the neon sphere onto table corners, windowsills, chair legs, and any hard edge that can use babyproofing. If you're worried about the bright yellow shade fitting in with your aesthetic, you can decorate them with dye or fabric paint.

Clean a pool of gunk with a tennis ball

There is a tennis ball hack all pool owners should know about — you can use the neon balls to clean your pool. The sports equipment is absorbent, thanks to its nylon and wool fibers, and soaks up oils like makeup, lotion, and sunscreen that linger after your swim. Add a few into the water to attract the gunk, or place them in your skimmer during your routine cleaning. And since the tennis balls float, they will be easy to retrieve.

Substitute tennis balls for dryer sheets

If you're out of dryer sheets, tennis balls make an excellent substitute. They reduce static and wrinkles, much like the fragrant sheets, while also fluffing your fabric. Throw two or three balls into your dryer load and the tumbling will soften and fluff your pillow, comforters, and towels with every hit. The neon balls can even shorten the drying time, saving you energy and money.

Erase scuff marks

Another way this sports paraphernalia makes your cleaning routine easier is when it comes to scuff marks. The black marks disappear when you scrub them with a tennis ball. For minor stains, simply scour the smudges with the ball in hand. You might need more leverage for bigger scuffs. In that case, cut an opening into the ball and insert a broomstick. The handle will increase the grip and resistance to eliminate the scrapes.

Open stubborn bottles

The rubber lining and fabric coat of the tennis balls make a suitable grip to help open bottles. However, it'll only work on mouths smaller than the ball. For this hack, cut the tennis ball in half using a knife or scissors, then insert the bottle top into the ball's interior and twist. It provides more cushion and grip, perfect for those who need the added leverage.

Displace water in toilet tanks

Putting a couple of tennis balls in your toilet tank can save you money with every flush. The balls will displace some of the water, so you use less, but there'll still be enough pressure so everything washes down the drain. You want no more than two clean tennis balls in the tank for this hack. Place them away from the valve and opening. After you set it, you can forget it. It's an easy way to reduce the cost of your water bill.

Hide valuables in plain sight

Money, jewelry, and other small valuables make great stuffing for your tennis ball. It is an ingenious place to hide and store items around your home. Just make a slit halfway around the ball, then give it a slight squeeze to widen the opening, and slip your precious items inside. Leave it on your dresser or with the other sports gear. It'll be your neon-colored secret.

Increase flower pot drainage

If you want to increase the drainage of your flower pot, add a few tennis balls to the bottom of the planter. It has a similar effect to adding a layer of rocks before dumping in the topsoil. The tennis balls give the water space to exit, so the pot still needs drainage holes; otherwise, the balls and soil will absorb the excess liquid.

DIY a mallet

Sometimes, life calls for a mallet. It's needed for tapping paving stones in place and closing paint cans. But you don't have to buy another tool when you can transform your hammer into a mallet with a tennis ball. Cut an "x" into the ball and insert your hammerhead inside the opening. Just like that, you have a DIY mallet, which will provide the necessary force without damaging or denting things. Leave the tennis ball attachment as a new accessory in your toolbox so you can upgrade the metal pounder anytime.