This Versatile Product Is The Secret To Banishing Foxes From Your Yard

Seeing foxes around your house may be a common occurrence if you live near the woods, though you may also see them in an urban setting once in a blue moon. The allure of a safe and warm place to hide paired with the delicious scent of food from your garden and trash can can be impossible for them to resist. So, if you'd rather not harbor uninvited houseguests and need a natural product to protect your yard from foxes, head over to your kitchen and grab a bottle of white vinegar.

Though white vinegar is mostly for cleaning, this versatile product's strong odor will also repel foxes and force them away from your garden. While these wild animals don't usually harm human beings (unless they're rabid or feel they have no choice but to defend themselves), they'll make a mess of your yard, dig up the soil to feast on earthworms, leave droppings behind, and even attack livestock. Thus, it's necessary to banish them as soon as possible to prevent them from undoing all of the hard work you've put into your garden.

Use white vinegar to keep foxes away

To keep foxes away from your yard, pour some white vinegar (malt and cider will also work in a pinch) into a spray bottle and spritz it around your property. While you're at it, don't forget to spray the area around your trash cans. Because foxes rely on their olfactory senses to locate food sources and steer clear of danger, they tend to stay away from strong odors that cloud their sense of smell. Because the acetic acid in vinegar gives off a pungent smell, they're ideal for keeping these creatures away.

If you're worried about accidentally spraying your plants with this solution, dilute it with water before spraying it around. You can even pour some vinegar into multiple bowls and place them near fox hot spots, like in the shed, around your garden and fence, and near livestock. Strategically placed vinegar-dampened clothes will have the same effect. However, note that this is a temporary solution at best because the smell will fade after a few days, which means you'll have to spray it (or refill your bowls) regularly. Moreover, if you keep this up, foxes might become familiar with the smell and get used to it after some time.