If This Pest Is Nesting In Your Walls, Don't Try To Get Rid Of It Without A Professional

Taking down pests in the house is so common that it's practically a ritual these days. Some pests, such as roaches, bed bugs, and ants, can usually be tackled all on your own. However, there are some critters you can't banish from your home without a helping hand from an expert. One such pest is the dreaded yellowjacket. This widely feared pest is notorious for its aggressive nature and is dubbed one of the most dangerous insects in the world. Yellowjackets can build their nests anywhere, including inside of your walls, but the last thing you want to do is go poking around in there without a professional exterminator.

If you're not sure if your walls are infested with yellowjackets, there are ways to be sure. You may hear noises that sound like buzzing, humming, or scratching. These are the sounds of yellowjackets building their nest in the empty spaces inside your wall and carrying out other activities. Because yellowjackets bear a resemblance to honeybees, people often mistake them as such. But yellowjackets are much more territorial and aggressive.

If you're wondering how in the world yellowjackets managed to work their way into your walls in the first place, you have to check out the construction of your house. Yellowjackets can eat through wood and even sheetrock, and if you don't do anything about them, they may chew right through your wall and enter your house. Due to their volatility, you'll need to hire professional pest control ASAP.

A non-invasive method of yellowjacket removal is best

Yellowjackets have definitely earned people's wariness of them. These perpetually aggressive insects can sting and bite, causing immense pain — and this is not just a one-off thing. They are capable of inflicting numerous stings and often attack in swarms. These stings contain venom which can cause rashes and swelling and even be fatal in some cases. A professional exterminator would know how to best deal with the yellowjackets so that no one gets hurt.

There are a few ways to get rid of these pests if they're inside the walls of your house, but not all of them are ideal. For starters, pesticides are the less favorable route to go because of the hidden downsides of fumigation pest control. These chemicals can be harmful to people. You would likely have to vacate your home for some time. Not to mention, the exterminator would need to break through your walls to get to the yellowjacket habitat and pump in the pesticide. This would lead to a ton of constructive (and possibly expensive) repairs.

Alternatively, pest control can use a vacuum trap to suck most of the insects out. This process takes a little bit longer because they would have to wait for the eggs in the nest to hatch before vacuuming them up as well.