Use This Dollar Tree Item To Hang Curtains Without Damaging The Walls

If you're looking to mount up your curtains without drilling holes, you may feel at a bit of a crossroads. After all, it may seem like an impossible feat to achieve such a task without having to take such measures. However, there is a surprisingly easy solution. Rather than drilling holes unnecessarily, you can instead use a mop and broom holder from your local Dollar Tree store to mount your curtains without doing any damage. Although it may seem like a peculiar item to use for this purpose, it is surprisingly effective and is perfect if you're looking for a low-cost solution to your problem.

Even better, you can always adjust these to your liking and place them wherever you want on your wall, making them perfect for any size curtain that you have, whether long or short. This extra precision will give you just as much flexibility in terms of placement, and you can even adjust them afterward if you wish. Of course, this also makes them a great option if you're renting a space and don't want to damage the home's interior. You can use this trick for the curtains in your living room or even an office space. The choice is yours. So, how do you use this nifty Dollar Tree hack?

Secure the broom holders to your wall

First, you'll need to arm yourself with an Essentials Anti Slip Mop and Broom Holder from your local Dollar Tree store. You can use one for every set of curtains you're going to use. For example, if you want to mount four different pairs of curtains using this trick, then you will need four of these holders. Once you have them ready, simply split the holder in two so you have two separate holder parts and stick them to your walls, making sure that they're nice, even, and secure. After all, you don't want your curtains to hang wonky. For an extra layer of security, you may want to add 3mm command strips to prevent the holder from falling. Now you should be able to easily slip your curtains into place with minimal fuss — job done.

When it comes to the broom and mop holder, they work as a curtain holder due to their design, as they adhere to the wall, while the hooks help to hold your curtain pole in place (providing it's not too heavy). In fact, you could even use this nifty item to help decorate your home with curtains. For example, you could place them in different areas of your bedroom. However, you should bear in mind that if you don't remove them carefully from your wall, then you may run the risk of damaging the paintwork underneath.