Keep Boxelder Bugs Out Of The House With Two Ingredients You Already Have On Hand

As far as pests go, boxelder bugs aren't the worst. They don't destroy your garden, don't bite humans, and they don't spread worrisome diseases that can land you with a hefty medical bill. Instead, their only crime is being annoying. But that's reason enough to want to get rid of them. You'll often find them posted up on the side of your house or front door in clusters, trying to find a way inside during fall. Sometimes they can show up in pretty large groups, and you definitely don't want such a hoard invading your living room or entryway. Luckily, there are two spices you probably have in your spice drawer that can help keep them at bay: cinnamon and cloves.

Rather than spraying the front of your house down with harmful pesticides that can get on your plants and affect wildlife, you can instead try this all-natural pest hack. It's also very convenient since you don't have to run to the store to fix your problem. Instead, pop into your kitchen and use what you already have. Here's how to pull it off and keep boxelder bugs out of your home this fall.

How to use cinnamon and cloves to remove boxelder bugs

To make this all-natural pest repellant work optimally, you want to infuse your house with cinnamon and clove before the bugs start trying to get into your home. This works best as a preventative measure, and it will act like a forcefield around your residence, deterring these black and red insects from getting any closer. The best time to do so is in late summer and early fall, when they start looking for warmer places to nest. There are a few methods you can use to do this. First, you can sprinkle cinnamon and clove on entry points outside. Notice where the insects are clustering together, and add your spices there. That can be on the ground by trees, near your front stairs, or on window ledges. You can sprinkle the spice and then spray it with water to keep it in place. 

Second, you can use the spices inside where you think the bugs might sneak through. For example, if you have cracks near window ledges, a hole in a window screen, or a back door that is constantly open, add a bowl of fresh cinnamon or cloves near those spots. Remember: The fresher the spice, the more pungent the smell, so make sure to use newer bottles for best results. And lastly, if you want to spray down vertical things like doors and walls, consider making a spray using cinnamon or clove essential oils mixed with water. Spray down the surfaces and watch the pests flee.