TikTok's Toilet Paper Roll Hack Will Bring The Wow Factor To Your Thanksgiving Decor

As Thanksgiving approaches, thoughts turn to the holiday feast and, most importantly, where you'll be celebrating. If it's your turn to host, don't worry about breaking the bank in order to present a beautiful table. TikTok has a super easy hack using toilet paper rolls to make gorgeous DIY napkin rings — a tiny detail that can completely transform your dining table from a casual affair to a beautifully presented dinner party.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a stressful undertaking for most of us. Planning the menu, timing everything perfectly, and setting a memorable table all require a lot of preparation and executive functioning. Moreover, the whole process can often feel like it falls entirely on one member of the family while everyone else just hangs around. But this napkin ring hack is not only easy, it's a great way to involve the kids in the festivities and make them a part of the hosting activities. Set out the supplies and either make the rings together as a family (if your kids are young) or let your kids take over the task themselves if they're old enough. It'll be some quality time that will lend itself to a gorgeous and successful Thanksgiving presentation.

Making stylish napkin rings out of used toilet paper rolls

Start saving your empty toilet paper rolls now because you can use them to make surprisingly stylish napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table. All you need is a thick roll of ribbon in an autumnal color scheme, some scissors, and a glue gun. Craft stores have literally thousands of different ribbon varieties online for under $10. While in-store selections will naturally be lower, you should still be able to find something you like. There are choices from satin to burlap, or even stylish patterns, though a fabric ribbon will be sturdier and hold up better than a paper one. Get a style at least 1-½ inches thick that reflects how big you want your napkin rings to be. The ribbon is going to set the size.

Use your scissors to cut your empty toilet paper rolls ½ inch shorter than the thickness of the ribbon. Cut the ribbon an inch longer than the circumference of the ring, and center it on the cardboard with ¼ inch hanging over each edge. Glue the ribbon length down, folding over the excess and securing it with the glue. Then glue the ¼ inch overhang down around the inside of the ring to cover the edge and make everything look clean. Once it dries, you're ready to set your table with your beautiful new napkin rings.