DIY Wax Melts That Look & Smell Like Real Cinnamon Buns To Spice Up Your Home

The holiday season offers a variety of cheer and festive feelings galore, but one of the biggest perks is all the delicious scents you can use in your home. From spiced apple to pine and fresh baked goods, finding your quintessential seasonal aroma is a must. But what if you could DIY your own wax melts to keep a stock at hand for whenever you need them? If your preferred scent leans toward mouth-watering delectables, specifically cinnamon buns, then this project has your name all over it and can be done in a few simple steps with minimal supplies. All you really need is wax, fragrance drops, dye, and a mold to shape the buns!

To start your DIY faux food creations, you will need to gather 40 grams of wax, a glass measuring cup, and brown or caramel-colored dye drops. Meltable soy wax chips can be found on sites like Amazon, or you can use EcoSoya wax from Candle Science, which comes in an 11-pound bag for just under $43. Specialized online shops like Lone Star Candle Supply sell coffee/caramel tinted candle dyes, while Amazon has pre-dyed wax chips if you want to skip a step and aren't too picky about the exact shade of brown the buns come out in. You can find cinnamon bun scents online as well as the small mold you will need to shape them. Once you've accumulated all your supplies, you're ready to "bake."

How to make these tasty (non-edible) treats

Begin by adding the wax to your glass measuring cup, then place it in the microwave to melt. The timing can vary depending on the microwave, and always ensure your container is safe to use in this device. You can also use a wax melter if you own one or purchase one if you plan to make more of these tasty-smelling non-edible treats as gifts or to keep on hand. Once your wax has become a liquid, add a few drops of dye and stir. You don't need much coloring, but if you prefer more, increase the dye by one or two drops every 40 grams. The size of your molds will determine how many melts you get. Using a thermometer to test the temperature, add in your fragrance when the wax has cooled to 180 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the scent sticks.

Stir your mixture continuously for 2 to 3 minutes so all the elements combine before pouring it into your cinnamon bun mold. Once they have fully cooled and hardened, you can remove your buns and place them on a non-stick flat surface that will allow you to add the finishing touches. These include tinted micah powder, usually in a darker shade from the brown of your cinnamon bun, and just brushed across the creases for texture and dimension. Lastly, use some plain white wax to create your "frosting" which should look drizzled for that extra yummy finish!