This TikTok Find Is A Game Changer For Fixing Holes In Wood Trim

Wood trim is an elegant way to improve the appearance of any room, but it can quickly make your space feel rundown rather than elevated if it's riddled with holes. Maybe you have these knicks due to years of furniture bumping into the trim, or perhaps you have small nail holes that were never covered after it was installed. Regardless of the reason, you might have been putting off fixing them because it's a labor-intensive process of patching, sanding, and then repainting the knicks. But as it turns out, a much simpler way will take you literal seconds to perform. TikTok content creators can't get enough of the Varathane Fill Stick, which magically fills in and buffs out minor holes. 

Using a Fill Stick will help you finally cross this task off your to-do list. It acts like a crayon, which you can use to magically buff out most minor imperfections. It's also great to use for new construction projects around the home. If you're replacing old trim with new baseboards, this is a handy way to quickly hide all the nail holes without having to spackle, sand, and repaint afterward. It can also be handy for small DIY projects that require nails, such as making frames or fixing vintage furniture. Simply fill in the holes with the Fill Stick; here's how you can use it to fill nail holes.

How the Varathane Fill Stick works

This simple stick is made from a waxy formula that embeds itself onto the wood trim, acting like a filler. The wax comes in the color of your choice — allowing you to match it to the wood you're working with. A quick search on Home Depot shows nine different shades to choose from — ranging from a golden oak to a yellow pine to a dark gray, for about $7 apiece. You can also blend several colors together if you need a more customized color. 

To use this product, all you have to do is clean the trim so you're working with a foundation clear of any dust or debris. Then, rub the stick back and forth over the hole or knick until it's sufficiently filled. If you use too much, you can remove it with something with a flat edge, like a butter knife or putty knife. Allow it to cure for 10 minutes, and you're done! This hack works best for smaller holes like nail holes since they're less conspicuous. Large dings will look more obvious since the color match won't be perfect. In moments like those, use a lightweight putty like Gorilla Wood Filler to fill the hole, and stain or paint the patch to match the trim color.