Banish Snakes From Your Yard With This Easy-To-Grow Garden Plant

It's never fun discovering that you have snakes in your yard. These slithering pests might be beneficial for the local ecosystem — and can even help your rodent problem by eating rats and mice that might try to attempt to enter your house — but they're still unpleasant to encounter. You might not feel comfortable walking around your yard or spending time on your patio because of them. Luckily, you can keep snakes from slithering around your yard by planting sage. Its strong smell will repel them away. 

You can grow this attractive plant either in your garden (and later harvest the herb!), as a border plant that will give your flower bed a pop of color, or in pots around the patio, ensuring the snakes don't come close to where you're sitting. Here's how to utilize this aromatic herb as a pest control remedy and curb your snake problem. 

How to grow sage to deter snakes

This natural snake repellent grows in zones 4 to 10, meaning it'll thrive as far north as North Dakota and as far south as the southern tip of Florida. It grows best under full sun, so make sure you don't plant it under a tree or a tall shrub where the shadow can block it. It also needs to be planted in well-draining soil since it will quickly deteriorate if it becomes waterlogged. Because of this, if you choose to grow it in a planter, make sure the pot has a drainage hole and is made from a porous material, such as terra cotta. This will ensure the water drains freely after you water it. Grow these plants anywhere you see snake activity, or position them near areas you like to hang out in and want to keep a snake-free zone.

This plant helps deter snakes because they dislike any kind of pungent scent. Because they have poor eyesight, these slithering pests rely on their sense of smell to find food and avoid potential danger. When they enter an area with an overwhelming scent that can mask the two things they need for survival — finding prey and avoiding predators — then they won't stick around for long. Luckily, sage won't just deter snakes from your yard — it's also great for keeping away mice. And since snakes eat mice, your yard will be prey-free, further convincing them to move on their way.