Expand Your Living Space With TikTok's Garage Screen Trick

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For some homeowners who have a garage, it's starting to look less like a place to store cars and more like an opportunity to expand living space. Many people are opting to keep their car in the driveway and use their garage — or half of it — as a highly functional, welcoming living space. Some with a two-car garage might still park their vehicle inside, but instead of using the remaining space as a repository for clutter, they're repurposing it for daily or frequent use. 

People with a teenager at home know that their child's urge for independence extends to wanting to be as far away as possible while still within the safety of home. Some turn the garage into a bedroom with storage, a futon, a rug, and cozy decorations. Others committed to their fitness install an elaborate gym with high-quality equipment and rubber flooring. The garage can become a mini movie theater, a man cave, a home office, a workshop, or just a pleasant space to recharge by yourself. Ideas to make your garage fun and functional are nearly limitless.

The only problem is, you can't install windows in a garage for natural light and ventilation. One fantastic trick could be to invest in a garage screen door that lets in light and keeps bugs out. A garage screen door, aka a lifestyle screen could a wonderful addition to your remodeled space.

Product types, benefits, and disadvantages

As human beings, we need fresh air, light, and freedom from insects and their biting ways. Garage screen doors deliver on all three and successfully help you add livable, usable square footage to your home. An open garage is partially outdoors, so a screen keeps debris out. These screen doors come in different configurations at multiple price points and are installed alongside your garage door. Some roll up horizontally, or, at the high end, you can get a motorized retractable model. They're built with a door in the middle you can open or unsnap.

You can usually install the most budget-friendly styles, like this Pick For Life model on Amazon (for $60), by velcroing it in for more of a camping experience. Lifestyle Screens Garage Door Screen, on the other hand (on Amazon for $1,535), operates manually on its own track, mirroring the way your garage door opens. The screen is constructed on a sturdy aluminum frame so professional installation is recommended. If you want to a DIY version, try the retractable Fresh Air Screen from Home Depot, at $310. It comes in multiple sizes, also uses velcro, and features a light-colored opaque screen, not mesh. 

You might consider this installation a great intermediary step if you're considering a full-scale garage conversion. Note some screen door disadvantages, though: if your winters are bitterly cold, screens may not be useful. Security is also a concern since anyone can get past fabric. Don't leave your open garage unattended.