Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Home Before You Leave For Vacation

Not everyone relishes the idea of having to clean up around them after painstakingly packing for a vacation. The last thing you want to think about as you're shoving your favorite bikini and sundress into your suitcase is the myriad of responsibilities that await you. However, this is even more of a reason why, after hustling and bustling around for your trip, you should take some time to clean your home before you leave. That way, you have less to worry about upon your return.

If you would rather jump into the middle of the ocean than imagine a life where you punish yourself by cleaning your whole house right before going on vacation, you're not alone. After sorting through tons of clothes and accessories for the trip, most people take one glance at the mess, shrug, and vow to tidy up when they get back. This is problematic because you're not thinking about the long-term.

Experts agree that a clean environment contributes to your mental stability. No one wants to return from a relaxing time in a resort to a dirty house and start doing labor. Ensuring that your home is in decent shape before you go means that your transition from paradise back to reality is smoother and less jarring. Cleaning up also ensures you don't leave any food messes that spoil and invite pests to your home. Tidying up before you hop on that flight is always more beneficial than putting it off.

A dirty home welcomes unwanted insect visitors and foul smells

Not wanting to think about chores, much less do them, before you travel for your vacation could cost you your freedom from pests upon your return. Abandoning used dishes in the sink, trash in the garbage, and items scattered across your floor is food for cockroaches, ants, and other pests. That split-second decision to not clean up would be a mistake that will attract pests to your home, so make sure you leave knowing your house is spotless to discourage them.

Another major reason to clean your house before traveling is to prevent food waste. If you aren't going for too long, you can keep your fridge running. However, if you're looking at a vacation spanning a month or more, you'll probably need to get rid of perishable food to prevent spoilage, especially if you experience power outages due to weather changes. If food is left to sit, a disgusting stench will fester that will be difficult to get rid of when you're back.

Finally, the last thing you want to worry about is a full hamper with insects taking refuge inside. You don't want to return from your vacation to a heap of dirty laundry and nothing to wear. What's more, the musty smell of used clothes will add to the spoiled food and dust, which can ruin the atmosphere in your space. By straightening up your environment, you can ensure that the air stays crisp while you're gone.

Dispose of rotten food waste to keep pests at bay

To prevent food-related disasters, clear out your fridge or anything that could leak or decay. Let your food items deplete in the days leading up to your trip, and don't buy more until you return. If you plan on removing only perishables, then you can set the temperature to be warmer. Otherwise, you can turn off the cleaned, empty fridge and leave the door ajar to avoid unpleasant odors. Don't forget to deep clean your bathroom, and ensure the floor is free of excess water to avoid mildew and stains. Make sure all the toilets, including those in guest rooms, are flushed to prevent stains on the porcelain, especially if the toilets haven't been used for a while. Run a couple of cycles of laundry to clear the backlog and have them folded and put away, so you come home to fresh clothes waiting to be used.

Cleaning your home before departure for a trip discourages cobwebs and prevents nasty smells. Pick up any clutter on the floor and put them away. Sweep and mop with bleach and soap. Wash dirty dishes and double-check your eating areas for signs of crumbs and spills to keep pests away. If you already have pests, spray the house generously with repellent after cleaning it. This will give it enough time to work before you get back. Just throw open the windows so that any lingering smell would be banished.