7 Different Ways To Neatly Fold Your T-Shirts Like A Laundry Pro

While folding T-shirts isn't a particularly-difficult task, it can be frustrating. Perhaps you wear a different tee every single day, so folding them all each week is quite time-consuming. Further, even if you fold fast, you may find that all your shirts never look as neat as you want them to. If you don't follow a specific folding method, all your tees may look slightly different, which won't provide you with that perfectly-organized aesthetic you may aspire to. That's why it can be helpful to follow a folding method. To help you out, we've gathered seven of the best techniques that will help you easily and neatly pack away your T-shirts, and if you're in need of speed, a piece of cardboard will make folding laundry a breeze.

These methods will compress your shirts into tiny squares and rectangles, so no matter where they're stored, your dresser or closet will have much more space. You'll never struggle to open overstuffed drawers or have items fall off the shelves again. Instead, you'll be able to see which shirt is which before grabbing it, and there will be far fewer wrinkles to deal with as well.

1. The Japanese fast fold

When time is of the essence, the Japanese fast fold is ideal. Lay your shirt face up and flat on your surface. Then, pinch the top of the shirt to the right of the collar and about the middle of the shirt on the same vertical line, about 2 inches away from the edge. With a firm grip on the top pinch, pull it over to the bottom edge and pinch. By now, one hand has the shirt's middle, and the other has the top and bottom. Holding these points, lift and shake out the shirt. Finally, fold the unpinched side underneath the middle of the shirt.

2. The KonMari method

Marie Kondo is famous for her organizational tips, and her method for folding T-shirts will make your shirt stand vertically in your drawer. First, lay the shirt flat on its face, then fold the right side toward the center, creating a crease at the edge of the neckline and folding over the sleeve. Then, fold the left side over the right. Now, fold the garment roughly in half, pulling the bottom hemline up to the back of the collar, but leave about an inch gap so they don't perfectly align. Finally, fold the shirt in thirds to create a small rectangle, starting at the even end.

3. The space-saving method

This technique is a great space-saving way to fold your clothes, whether for traveling or to keep feeding your shopping habits. This method will also allow your shirts to stand vertically. First, start with your shirt lying face up. Then, pinch the shirt on the top to the left of the collar and on the bottom, along the same vertical line. Lift the shirt and place it back down so that both sides are underneath the middle, and tuck in the sleeve. Finally, fold the shirt in half and then fold it into thirds.

4. The square fold method

The square method is another way to get your shirt folded down to size. First, lay the shirt flat with the front facing down. Then, fold the garb in half lengthwise. Next, bend the sleeves inward — it's okay if some of the sides need to fold in too, for a neat tuck of the sleeves. After, bring the end of the shirt to reach the bottom of the sleeves, then fold the shirt in half again to create a square.

5. The finishing tuck method

The finishing tuck method is perfect for keeping your T-shirts neat even after you rifle through the drawer. Start by flattening the shirt on a surface facing upward and bend the sleeves toward the center. Next, fold the bodice into thirds horizontally by bringing the top of the shirt toward the middle, followed by the bottom. Now, the shirt needs to fold into thirds again the other way. Bring the left side to the center, then gather the right side and tuck it into the left layer. The finishing tuck will keep everything secure.

6. The rolling method

The rolling method is perfect for when you're packing boxes or suitcases. Start with the T-shirt flat and facing down, then cuff the bottom of the shirt about 2 inches. Fold the sleeves and sides into the middle to create a long rectangle. Now, for the rolling. Grab the collar and roll the shirt to the bottom hem as tight as possible, then stuff the rolled side into the bottom and unfold the cuff. This tuck will seal the T-shirt roll so it doesn't unravel while you're on the go.

7. The rectangle fold

The rectangle fold is simple and best for showcasing the front of your T-shirt. It's the method that's completed with the help of folding boards in retail stores. First, lay the shirt on a flat surface facing down. Fold the two sides of the shirt toward the center and fold the sleeves on their creases outwards. Keep in mind that the sides may slightly overlap. Then, take the bottom hem and fold it in half up to the top, then fold it in half again. Flip the shirt around, and you're all done. The collar should be on display with the T-shirt in a rectangle shape.