Give Inexpensive Plastic Storage Drawers A Fancy Wooden Upgrade With This Easy DIY

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If you're a die-hard fan of hardwood and find yourself shopping for inspiration on how you're going to decorate your room, you may be shocked at how expensive wood furniture can be. For storage items like dressers, working on a tiny budget is out of the question. You will likely have to settle for less costly alternatives. However, you don't have to lay your aesthetic preferences to rest just to appease your pockets. You can upgrade a basic, inexpensive, plastic dresser into a wooden piece by encasing it in a DIY wooden chest. That way, you can stay within your budget while still getting your plastic dresser to keep up with the rest of your room.

This easy DIY hack is the best dresser alternative for your bedroom because you can customize it to match virtually any type of wood you predominantly use in the rest of your interior decor. TikTok DIY home design creator @faithhopehome came up with this neat hack for a miniature dresser, but it also can work if you have one of a bigger size. By working with different dimensions and wood types, you can have the dresser you desire without diminishing the quality of your room.

Fit the dresser into a DIY chest

To create a wooden chest, TikTok creator @faithhopehome used two organizers, but you can use as many as you need. You could build this DIY for less than $80. A plastic dresser from Walmart costs around $20, and a 4-by-8-foot utility panel from Home Depot is about $19. You'll need the wood cut to size, and costs will vary depending on the size of the dresser you choose. In addition to basic construction tools, you'll need sandpaper, wood filler, strong adhesive, and wood stain. 

Join the dressers with glue, and clamp them together to adhere. Then, glue the cut pieces of wood to form a box. Fill the sides of the box with wood filler and sand it down before applying the stain for a gorgeous finish. You can also paint the wooden chest instead and add designs to it. Glue the plastic dresser to the inside of the wood encasing. Customize your dresser like @faithhopehome did by adding antique-style label pulls such as ones from Amazon for $10. If you prefer a more sleek look, Amazon also has ones in that style for $10.  

You can also make several of these upgrades if you have more than one dresser set. They would even be a great addition to a playroom for children. If you make several of these, paint them each with vibrant colors, and turn them into large alphabet blocks. Choose different designs to make it more unique and suit all of your needs.