The Unused Space You Should Turn Into A Cozy Man Cave, According To My Lottery Dream Home

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Have you always wanted a man cave but never felt like you had enough space? Or perhaps someone you live with has always wanted one? The perfect location for that man cave may have been hiding in plain sight this whole time. In an episode of "My Lottery Dream Home," David Bromstad told someone who wanted a man cave, "Number one man cave location could be the cavernous attic" (via YouTube). The HGTV star brings up an excellent point! After all, why should you let your attic go unused, doing nothing but collecting dust, when you could transform it into a fun hangout spot?

Of course, most people won't be able to turn their empty attic into a man cave overnight. But if you're willing to devote time, effort, and money to the project, you'll likely enjoy the results. However, before you invest in your furniture and decorations, always check with a professional that your attic is a safe place to be in if you're not 100% sure. If not, hire a professional to finish it and make it a safe place to hang out. When your attic is safe, figure out a budget to know how much you'll realistically be able to spend on your new man cave.

Add personality to the man cave

Once your safe attic is ready for a makeover and you've decided on a budget for its new look, have fun with interior design. To start, if you don't like the walls, consider which paint shades to use in your man cave for a fresher look. After you get the painting step done, think about some elevated man cave designs. For instance, what type of furniture does the space and budget allow room for adding? In other words, would your man cave have enough space for a couch to fit all your friends, or would you be better off only adding a few comfy chairs?

If space and money allow, you may also want to add a mini-fridge to store snacks and drinks so you won't have to frequently go downstairs when you and your pals get hungry and thirsty. A microwave can be helpful, too, if it's realistic for what you're working with, in addition to a TV. Then, don't forget about fun decorations. Look for wall art and signs, such as the Solid Wood Text Wall Decor By Winston Porter, reading, "Welcome to the man cave." You can purchase this piece for $20.99 at Wayfair. Consider adding entertainment-focused details, too, such as a dartboard like the Street Walk Magnetic Dart Board, available for $19.19 on Amazon.

Keep it clean

Man caves aren't stereotypically known for being the cleanest and tidiest areas. But when your man cave is located in your attic, you have no choice but to keep it clean, as not doing so can lead to unpleasant results. Attics are prone to pests, so not being careful and aware of this can lead to some unwanted guests, such as bugs and rodents, ruining your fun. Even squirrels sometimes find their way into attics. So, look out for noises like "rustling in the walls and ceiling — it's more noticeable than smaller vermin like rats. They also do this chirping bark noise when they're agitated, nervous, or threatened," Ben Sciortino, the owner of Tri-S Pest Control, told Reader's Digest. If you hear any of those noises, get a professional to look into it, and then take the incident as a sign that you need a cleaner space.

Even when you feel super lazy, you must remember to never leave unfinished and unattended food or opened drinks out. A couple of other ways to prevent pest-attracting messes in the attic-turned-man cave include opting for waterproof furniture and decorations that you can wipe or hose down after inevitable spills and always keeping bags around so you won't forget to remove any trash. If you keep a clean space but still get many visits from pests, you should consider having traps around or using indoor bug repellents, such as the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller from Amazon.