Why You Should Leave A Cup Of Vinegar On The Counters In Your Smelly Kitchen

While cleaning your kitchen can feel straightforward, eliminating lingering scents may be a different story. However, as it turns out, condiments such as vinegar "can help neutralize odors in the home," explains Katie Dills, senior vice president of the cleaning company The Cleaning Authority, to Martha Stewart. Who would've thought it? By utilizing this tactic — and placing a cup of vinegar on your kitchen counters — you should be left with a kitchen that smells much cleaner than before, saving you time that would have otherwise been spent attempting to get rid of it — result! Not only does this cut down your cleaning time but it also requires minimal effort on your behalf.

However, that's not all. By opting for this all-natural solution, you'll save yourself from using harsh chemicals or cleaning products to eliminate smells, such as chemical deodorizers or other kitchen cleaning products. It is also incredibly cheap; all you need is a bit of vinegar (something you likely already have in your cupboard). But what is it that makes vinegar so effective in this domain? 

Acetic acid is the key stench-zapping ingredient

The reason vinegar works so well to zap away any unfavorable scents all boils down to the acetic acid inside it, which is arguably the magic ingredient. It can be found in all types of vinegar, including regular and white vinegar, although usually in different amounts. For example, white vinegar contains more of the compound at around 10%, per the online publication Bon Appétit, compared to "regular" vinegar. For this reason, you may want to opt for using white vinegar instead if you have the choice.

If you don't have any vinegar on hand, you could try using a small bowl of coffee grounds. Not only do they smell nice but the grounds should also be able to do a similar job until you can get your hands on some vinegar, which you can purchase from a local store. However, if the smells persist, you may have to consider other options. 

Grab some regular or white vinegar

Using vinegar to get rid of smelly scents in your kitchen is fairly straightforward, especially if you already have a bottle of the product stowed away in the depths of your cupboards. To replicate this method for yourself, all you'll need is a bottle of vinegar, either white or regular, and a bowl or cup — that's it. However, there are a couple of ways that you can use it. The first is to heat it in a pan, or alternatively, you can add around half an inch to a bowl or cup and place it on your kitchen counter or anywhere in the kitchen. However, you can add more if you feel as though it's necessary. Likewise, if you're heating it, make sure not to burn it. 

If you think the odors in your kitchen are quite strong, you could always try using this method with several bowls to amplify the effects. Now, you will just have to return at regular intervals to check if any lingering scents are gone. Keep in mind that there is no set time for this. When you're happy with your results, simply take your bowls of vinegar and give them a quick rinse down your sink.